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Making Marketing Game Day Decisions

Laurel Mintz

How To Change Your Game Plan

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. The Super Bowl is coming up! I don’t know about you, but I love watching those commercials. They either total land or they totally flop. The creative is so fun to watch and it’s a great lesson from a marketing perspective on how to change up your game plan and pivot when need be. Now, obviously, most of us don’t have those big marketing dollars, we don’t have multi million dollars to spend on that thirty second slot, but it’s a great lesson that you can take and apply to your everyday marketing efforts. 

Look At Your Stats

So, if you’re watching your metrics (which, the most amazing thing about digital is that you can almost see in real time what’s working and what isn’t, right?) if in a few days or a few weeks, the channel isn’t delivering, you can switch up your game plan. Right, it’s about making those game time decisions, not just letting it rot. You can’t just let your dollars waste away on campaigns that aren’t delivering for your brand. So watching those metrics and making those data driven, game day decisions, and calling those plays out to your team are going to help you really make sure that your marketing dollars are focused and that they’re delivering whatever that end key performance indicator, or end result is that you’re looking for. 

Call The Plays

Now, if you change the plan, it’s also crucial that you call the play and communicate the change of plan to your team. Can you tell I’m like the biggest sports fan? This is about as close to sports I get is a little jersey type outfit. But, it’s a really again important lesson to make sure that your team knows that there has been a change in the play, right? And then of course, communicating that to your fans, or customers, or clients. 

Final Thoughts

So you have to watch the metrics, make those game day decisions, call the plays to your team, and then communicate those to your fans. And that’s about as good of a sports metaphor that you’re going to get from me here at Elevate My Brand. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy watching the Super Bowl!

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