EMBiz - Is Instagram The New Video App?

Is Instagram the New Video App?

Laurel Mintz

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand, but you already knew that. Today’s conversation is all around IG: Instagram as a platform and what the future of the platform is going to look like. Now in the summer of 2021 Adam Mosseri, who is the head of Instagram, said that they are going to really start focusing on video content and content creators for the platform. But what does that mean for you as a brand? That means that you need to start making more video content - specifically in the form of reels. We know that it takes about 2 reels a week to start to organically increase your viewership and your eyeballs to your site and your page. So make sure you are focusing on IG reels so that you can stay ahead of this video phenomenon that Instagram is going to really start pushing. We’ve been saying this for years if we’re being totally honest; content is king/queen/duke of York now more so than ever before.  

Pro-Tip For Using Reels On Instagram

The other really great tip is that even if you only have images you can use your video app on your phone and turn those images into videos. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can already use the still images that you have, turn them into videos, and then use those videos for reels. That’s a little tip that we do here at Elevate and with our clients. The long and the short end of it is Instagram reels, video, being a content creator, focusing on videos, shopping, and messaging for the Instagram app is really what’s going to start picking up traction for your brand. It is the future of social media but really it is the now, so make sure you get on board.

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