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Influencer Marketing in the Creator Economy

Laurel Mintz

How to Make Influencer Marketing Work for Your Brand 

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I still get the question all the time: Is influencer marketing worth it? And my answer is always a resounding ‘yes’. But it has to be intentional and you have to understand how to execute influencer campaigns well. And that’s not easy. If it was easy, everyone would run an agency, right and I’d be out of a job.

Launch Influencer Campaigns in a Timely Manner

We are really in what is called the Creator Economy. It’s a very interesting shift that we’re seeing, really big brands, like some of our clients and even start-up brands really leaning in and focusing and using influencers to help create and promote and support their brand evolution and growth. UGC, User Generated Content is still a highly effective way to use influencers and creating what we call a ground swell effect, where you have a lot of influencers talking about your products all at one time is a really impactful way to launch a new brand, a new product line or launch within a new market.

Use Influencer Platforms 

Now, there’s a ton of influencer platforms out there that help you aggregate them, and that’s really the direction that I would head in and that we work within at Elevate My Brand. We can’t really build one-off relationships, I mean you can, but it’s really really challenging. And then the vetting process, the follow-up process, the payments, the taxes. All of the challenges that go along with building those one-on-one relationships and having to do that multiple times over is solved with an aggregator platform. So that would be my recommendation if you’re gonna go down that path. You know, try the one-offs, see if it works for you. We have found it to be not as effective because it’s not as controllable. Right, you can’t really control the message, the timing, the payments. All of those components, the creative itself, when it’s a one-to-one relationship. Now some brands have done it, have done it very well, but it’s very very time consuming. So I do think that influencer or the creator economy is extremely valuable and important for brands and still will be for many, many years to come. Just make sure that you’re doing it the smartest way possible.

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