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Increase Your Click-Though Rate

Laurel Mintz

What is a Good Click-Through Rate?

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. People always ask “What a good click-through rate is?”, “What should my click-through rate be?” and people are actually shocked when they hear that a 1-2% or 1-2.5% click rate is actually the industry average. So if you’re at 2.5%, you’re absolutely winning. But there are several things that you can do to test and then eventually increase your click-through rate.

Use inviting and aligned CTAs

The first one is of course, adding catchy CTAs or calls to action. So those might be a little button that says “click here” or “elevate me” if you’ve been to our website, you’ve seen that one. Make sure that it’s actually visually and verbally aligned with your overall brand. It can be very playful, like with our brand, or it can be a bit more serious and straightforward, if you are a more serious and straightforward brand. But obviously make sure that you have those click-through buttons, calls to action on multiple pages of your website. A great way to look at that is to look at the back-end analytics, your Google analytics to see how people are going through the different pages of your website. So you can understand which pages really need those CTAs. I would argue most probably do so that you can create that cycle of communication and make sure that you’re being very very clear on what the ask is. What are you asking people landing on your website to do?

Add a social bar to your site or newsletter

Number 2 is always adding social media icons with click-throughs on your website. Most of those are on the footer of most websites. Make sure that they are linking to the right site. I can not tell you how many times those links have been broken, or I’m clicking on Twitter and it takes me to Instagram. It’s a really easy way to ensure that you are capturing conversations on different digital platforms. Just do it the right way, there is no excuse for that anymore.

Create a linear journey

The third one is making sure that your copy supports your call to action. People are really not thinking that much when they’re going through the process of finding a product or service, oftentimes. So your job on the marketing side is to make it is a linear conversation. That means that if you are selling a widget the content on the landing page or the website homepage slider speaks directly to what that widget does and that the call to action speaks directly to buying that widget or signing up for whatever and the click-through page does the same thing. So make sure that you’re not creating consumer confusion by changing up the language or trying to be too smart for your own good. Make sure you take people through a very linear journey when you’re asking them to click through. 

Optimize your timing

Optimizing your time of send in terms of your email marketing is another really important way to increase your click rate. So most platforms, Mailchimp, Planoly, a lot of the social platforms, as well as the email marketing platforms have backend analytics that will tell you the better days and better times to send your eBlasts out, so freaking listen! It’s not that challenging. Pay attention to the data. You know that we say this all the time so again, this conversation is very much that center-brain mentality. Be inspired by creative, make sure it’s aligned on the brand side, but truly be driven by data. 

Clean up your contact list

And then of course, finally make sure your contacts are all cleaned up so that you don’t get bounce-backs, and it doesn’t mess with your tracking numbers. Right, that’s one of the bigger pieces as well. Making sure that you have really clean data. This is going to be even more important as we move into a cookieless environment and first-party data is going to become even more critical. 

So I hope that you’ve learned a little bit about how to create stronger calls to action and better content that will eventually increase your click-through rate.

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