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How to Hire a Marketing Agency

Cody Owens

Finding the Perfect Fit

Hi, this is Cody with Elevate My Brand, and today I want to talk about how to find the right marketing agency. So obviously, Elevate My Brand is the right marketing agency, but as you’re on your search, you may be looking at other agencies and you may even feel a better fit with someone else. So I’m here to tell you how to find the perfect fit. 

Vet for culture

The first thing is you want to find the right culture fit. So when you’re vetting all the marketing agencies or marketing professionals you wan to work with, ask them about your value sets, ask them what they really take and hold dear. And if it’s not aligned with what you hold dear, then they might not be the right fit. So if you are really all about playfulness and fun, and they’re more sort of serious about the data, then there might be some disconnection there and you want to make sure that you’re very much aligned in both your personality and your goals.

Vet for expertise

The next thing you want to look at is the right experts. So really know and come to the table with your marketing goals. So if you really want to increase your email list or you really want to focus on organic social to build new audiences, make sure that they have the right expertise in those areas. You might even want to say, “can I speak to your expert in this field?”, “can I talk to this person?”, or “do you have a deck with all of your teammates on it?” so you can kind of see and meet the people. So make sure that they have the right experts to meet your goals. 

Vet using review

You also want to make sure that you look at their reviews and ask them if they have any references. SO you can go on Google, or Yelp or whatever site and find their reviews, because those are going to be from real people who can tell you all about their experience with a marketing agency. 

Vet using case studies

And then lastly, make sure you look at those case studies. So if an agency doesn’t have any case studies, then they can’t really prove to you that they’ve done what you need them to do well in the past with similar companies.

So make sure that you look at those case studies, look at their references and reviews, make sure they have the right experts, and they are a good culture fit for you. And if all of those things are good and true, then they might be the right marketing agency for your brand.

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