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How to Brand your Brand

Laurel Mintz

Branding 101

Hi there, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Now obviously brand is in our name, and so we feel like it’s really important. But there are several important elements of building a brand that you should be aware of and also be thinking about as you go down the branding or rebranding path. 

Establish your visual brand

The first one is your visual brand. Now that is obviously your look and feel, your logo, your typeface, your watermark, you know what it is that you use to visually represent what your brand looks like out in the universe and then how that is really executed beautifully across all of your marketing materials. Those could be digital, which we’ll talk about or those could be IRL, if business cards are still a thing, maybe put it on there. All of those elements consistently, and cohesively make up your visual brand identity. 

Establish your verbal brand

The second one is your verbal identity. Now you may not have heard of this one, I hadn’t until I really looked it up, but it’s really just about the language, the linguistics, the lexicon that you use when you’re defining and describing your brand, and then of course, how that then translates to the content across all of your different marketing channels. So it’s not as complex as it might sound, but it is obviously very important. Words matter, timing matters, and consistency and cadence matters across all these platforms. So again that is your verbal branding. 

Establish your digital footprint

And then the third one is your digital footprint. So how are you taking all of these elements and executing them across digital. So when we talk about digital, we’re talking about web, content, social, advertising, creative. All of those elements in the digital universe and making sure again that there is consistency across all of those platforms. So that is how you build a really smart brand. 

Sometimes people are confused about the process and how to really approach these different elements, and that’s why we have a very Creative Mindmap session where we walk through what these elements should look like, and we help you ideate around how to build a strong brand. So if you need us, that’s what we’re here for, otherwise, go forth and elevate your brand.

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