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How 2B Better at B2B Marketing

Cody Owens

Three Tips on B2B Marketing

Hi there, Cody here with Elevate My Brand, and today I want to give you three tips on how to be better at B2B marketing. So let’s first address the elephant in the room, which is that a lot of B2B brands think “oh I don’t need to do B2B marketing, because my business is based on relationships and networking”. But, hello, that’s what marketing is all about. It’s all about top-of-funnel visibility and awareness by creating those relationships with people on a mass scale. And who better understands that than a marketing agency because we also are a B2B business. So we understand how difficult it can be to establish and maintain those relationships, but you have to do that through marketing. So here are the three tips that for me are kind of the baseline of what every B2B business needs to be doing. 

Maintain open lines of communication

The first one, maintain open lines of communication. Think about establishing a personal relationship. If that person can’t get in touch with you, if you don’t respond to texts in a timely manner, that relationship is going nowhere. Same with your business. So maintain open lines of communication. A huge way is on your website. Do you have a contact form? Do you have your email address or phone number listed? And social, if you don’t respond to social messages right away or even email, then that is huge and tells a lot about how responsive you might be as a partner or as a supplier, right? And if you’re a small business, and you’re like, “I don’t have time to respond super timely all the time, well then consider chatbots on social or even a frequently asked questions page on your website so it’s kind of like a self-service open line of communication.

Maintain a business presence on LinkedIn

The number two tip is to establish and maintain a business presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the B2B social platform, and what we hear from a lot of people is, “oh I don’t need a business page. I rely entirely on my personal connections. But again, if you’re relying only on your personal connections, then you’re not really going to be growing over time, and also, you need a business page for findability and SEO purposes anyway. So make sure you do that because it also legitimizes your business. So what we always recommend, if you’re the face of the business, share your personal content that’s relevant over to the business page and vice versa, so there’s some symbiosis there. 

Maintain your content to improve findability 

And then, the third thing is to make sure that you’re focusing on findability. So people need to be able to find you on Google. So take an organic and social approach. The goal is to make sure the content on your website is constantly updated. So if you can only do every six months you can update your content on your website, fine. But the best case scenario is to publish blog posts, one to two a week if you can, and then also to look at your website and maybe every three months, to see if the content is still relevant. And then update those keywords and content if you can. 

So those are the three tips on how to be better at B2B marketing. Maintain open lines of communication, maintain a business presence on LinkedIn and focus on findability. 

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