EMBiz - Gender In Leadership

So, there’s been a lot of talk about “girl boss” and I wanted to kind of see what your perspective on that term and that whole culture is?

Laurel Mintz: Yeah, I’m sure you guys have seen there are a bunch of articles and tweets and conversations in the social cypher about #girlboss, #bossbae, #bossbitch all these things and I think that people are starting to kind of fight that term because the truth is that you would never say #dudeboss, #boyboss, #guyboss so I think what people are responding to is taking gender out of the conversation. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t have any impact on the fact that I’m a boss. I’m a boss period. I think that’s what we are seeing in social currently as a really big reel back or push back to this big conversation because there are so many hashtags out there that focus on gender specific as it relates to being a boss in the work force and the truth is it doesn’t fucking matter. If you are a boss, you’re a boss period full stop.