EMBiz - Adjusting Your Messaging For Mother’s Day

Adjusting Your Messaging For Mother’s Day

Laurel Mintz

How to adjust your messaging for Mother’s Day

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I can’t even believe we are already talking about Mother’s Day, but it is upon us. And so as a brand, it is important for you to start thinking about how to re-message and retarget and focus on the conversation around Mother’s Day.

Create a Drip Campaign

Now the first thing that you want to be conscious of is making sure that you have some lead-up time. There’s nothing worse than a brand just swapping over and suddenly their messaging is completely different and focused on a new holiday like that. So we want to make sure that you give yourselves a couple of months of time to drip market that campaign, that new messaging out to your audience.

Focus on impactful keywords

Now obviously you want to focus on words like gifts, gifting, best gifts for Mother’s Day, best gifts within your area for Mother’s Day, etc… Because the truth is from a keyword perspective, if we’re focusing on content, you’re not going to be able to own the word “gift”. You’re probably not going to be able to own the word “mother” or “Mother’s Day”, right. These are very expensive keywords, but if you’re building those keywords generally into your content, that’s going to set you up for success. 

Tailor your messaging to target relatives of mothers

Now, the other thing you want to think about is adjusting the way that you describe the products or the benefit of your products to your audience as it relates to a holiday like Mother’s Day. Now, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but let’s talk about skincare for example. I mean I like to focus on anti-aging as well, but you can understand how changing and shifting the messaging a bit to focus more on anti-aging or the benefits for a specific skincare line, or a specific food product for anti-aging, would be really helpful to redshift your focus and your target for Mother’s Day. 

And that’s how you can adjust your copy, your creative and your messaging for Mother’s Day a few months in advance to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for conversion success for your Mother’s Day campaigns.

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