Elevate My Start-Up Business

What to expect when you’re expecting… a startup business. Everyone has to start somewhere right? When you move further down  the road of starting a business, you may not always know where you stand in the process. Between networking, elevator pitches, the search for funding, and of course building your team, it can get a little hazy. On top of that, you are trying to retain clients and of course, make money. The startup life is NOT like a movie. Ultimately, you want your business to grow and expand the most natural way possible, so it takes time. You won’t see results over night, but you will be able to get the best results possible if you have patience.

As a startup, you won’t have as many clients as you would hope, but the good news is that you won’t have the high demand for a large team to start out with. You have a little grace period to find the right people to grow with your company. The hard part is during the transition period when your business is starting to take off, but you also lack the funds and the resources to handle all of your new clients. Growing Pains, every small business has will be additional pressure on both you and your employees, more work coming in means more work for everyone to share. It can be hard to manage time, money, and clients, while also making your employees happy. Everyone has to work much harder to ensure operations run smoothly. The unpredictability can be draining but also so rewarding once you take off.

While there are several potential disadvantages when starting your own business, the advantages of having your own business outweigh the costs. If you’d like to know the ultimate advantage of owning your own business, check out our last blog on Being Your Own Boss. There are also many potential benefits of working for a startup, like having a head start in a company before it takes off, learning more about your coworkers and boss before everyone else, and, having a shoe in with a company that you have a hand in helping grow. Startups are amazing opportunities, although they require a lot more work than working for a business that is already well established. Stick it out, even if you feel like you or your business won’t make it. Everyone struggles in the beginning, but everything eventually falls into place.

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