Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Let's talk social, you are on some form of social media network right? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (yes it counts), etc, the list could go on because there are so many different networks. Not every network is created equal, you don't need to be on all of them. There just isn't enough time in a day! But when it comes to your business, choosing the right social networks is just half the battle, the next step is making sure your social strategy makes sense. It's no secret that social media marketing can be one of the most effective and readily available tools your business can use, if done correctly. You can have the best content or even the most engaging audience in the world but if you don't' use them wisely, they can't help you grow! Here are some effective social media marketing strategies that we implement in order to achieve success, free of charge.

First, it’s important to know which social media sites are best for your business. Not every business benefits from using Instagram or Twitter. Know which sites or apps work best for your marketing purposes. Just like you know your audience, know your social network. Understand where they are, and why you should be there too.

Second, understand that social media is not your marketing savior. Meaning, don’t rely entirely on social media. It isn’t the only answer. Read the blog post we wrote on this topic here. Social media can be a helpful tool in your overall business plan but it is not going to be the bread and butter, think of it as more of an appetizer to lead people to the main course of your business. Know the value and use it wisely.

Third, stay consistent. It’s important to make sure that your social media presence is consistent across all platforms. Regularly posting content, engaging, and being consistent with the voice. It provides your followers substance and something to look forward to. 

Fourth, engage with your audience. Make sure to let your audience/followers know they are heard and loved. Show your appreciation by staying in contact with them. Answer questions that you can add value to, be a connector, and respond to the negative feedback. Determine the best way for your brand to diffuse trolls, they will continue to exist but you can choose the best way to engage or turn them away.

Lastly, be patient. Numbers don’t always mean what you think they do and growth doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is a virtue, especially with social media. To have consistent followers and high engagement, it is important to take the time and invest the effort rather than rushing to boost your following. Social media is a marathon, not a sprint.

Social media is a great way to market yourself or your business digitally. It provides you an essentially free way to advertise yourself. Of course it isn’t free in the sense that you hire someone to handle the account for you or the time you invest to do it yourself. If you’d like to know more about social media, check out this blog post we wrote a few months back, here. If you’d like to a hire a professional to handle your social media, feel free to contact us.

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