Cleanse Your Marketing Strategy, Avoid These Phrases in the New Year

Cleanse Your Marketing Strategy, Avoid These Phrases in the New Year

New year, new palette. Let us wash over bad trends and redundant words in our professional spaces and start the year anew. Just like those mom jeans covered in bright orange flowers, sometimes you have know when to let go. In a world that is in constant rotation, and trends change faster than you can read this article, it's time to look back at some marketing jargon that our team agrees has #g2g.    

  1. Authenticity and transparency – and for good reason. If you need to be told to be authentic or transparent, then you most likely aren’t (and that's a problem). Just be yourself and stop pretending, don't be a business with a heavy filter.
  2. Content is King – of course content is king. Content is an essential part of marketing and is crucial in attracting new attention. Just keep in mind that content can only be valuable if it’s worth reading and worth sharing. Think TED. Be a source worth sharing, be valueable.
  3. Disruption – the world is in a constant state of disruption—and by no means in a negative way. Things change rapidly and what we already know is disrupted and changes from one second to the next. Of course, the goal is to disrupt the natural of order of things because standing outside of the herd is what gains attention and success.  

We are living in a post-factual era because of the Internet, it's a very 'share now, read later' time. The internet has changed the way we obtain and absorb information in good ways and in bad, and as a marketing strategy sharing all the facts is crucial but should be done in a tactical way. Living in this post factual era makes it easier for businesses and people to be inauthentic, create arbitrary content, and believe their behavior is seemingly disruptive but isn’t because it’s not inventive enough. Make the change in 2017 to avoid dull or useless marketing. Be present to really stand out.

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