Capture the Moments: Why Video Content Matters

Capture the Moments: Why Video Content Matters

We all have our moments. Whether we are buying a car, seeking the dream job, or even searching the latest do-it-yourself tutorials, we are scoping out ways to gain real time access to information. We ask the questions, and search for videos that provide us with quick answers. Learn how these moments can influence consumer’s buying behaviors.

Video Testimonials: Consumers want to feel something. We have access to all kinds of products, but what sells the most is the story. Through video testimonials, we can feel a stronger emotional connection to the product or service. It’s important that we can relate to the brand and feel compelled to engage with the company.

Moments Of Interest: We want to be inspired. Simply put, we want video content that connects to something that we are passionate about. We seek videos that spark interest, and align with our own goals, needs, and values. Consumers want to watch videos that parallel with our lifestyle. We are continuously seeking out videos that connect to our own personal journey.

Moments Of Learning: You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why consumers depend on video content for guidance. We are all decision makers. With information at our fingertips, consumers have the ability to learn prior to purchase. Consumers are more informed, and see educational videos as an opportunity to become more worldly and impactful in conversation.

Moments Of Instruction: We can do it ourselves. That’s what we have all learned with the do-it-yourself tutorials. Nearly 70% of millennials agree that we can use YouTube to find anything that we want to learn. Consumers are gaining a wide range of skill sets online. We are becoming the experts, and are depending less on others to perform the services for us. We are now saving time, money, and effort with online tutorials at our fingertips.

Moments of Purchase: Consumers are now doing the research. We aren’t blindly purchasing products; we are buying into a worthy investment. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable as we gain insight into competitors, pricing, and quality prior to purchase. Consumers have access to reviews, online searches, and recommendations that lead us to making educated decisions.

We all want to be taken on a journey the second we hit play. Regardless of what we are searching for, we want a concise video that will make us feel compelled to take action. Be the one to start the conversation.

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