Best E-Commerce Platforms

We get a lot of questions about “What is the best ecommerce platform out there?”-- mostly from our retail clients because it is most applicable to them… And the answer is, it depends on your budget, and the functionality of what you want your consumer to do on your platform. Obviously, there are some great plug and play models like Shopify which allow you to play nice with platforms like WordPress-- but then you have the ability to custom build an e-commerce site that gives you a lot more flexibility, and you can do exactly what you want with your client and make sure that if they are abandoning their cart, that there is content being sent back to them, offers, etc. So, the answer to that question really is budget dependent, and there are some fantastic inexpensive options out there. I really suggest that unless you have a great budget and great backing, and that this is a brand you know has a lot of traction already, start small and then build up to the custom platform accordingly. It will give you a great way to see how your consumers interact with the brand, you can see whether shopping cart abandonment is a major issue and how to counteract that, and better ways to capture data from your audience. We hope that’s helpful, check out all those options online, and of course if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us here at Elevate my Brand!

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