Being Your Own Boss

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, then remember that no business grows exponentially over night.  Depending on your market, industry, resources, and/or experience, starting your own business can be tricky. Take it from our Founder Laurel Mintz, advocate, owner and femtrepreneur, being the boss is not always easy. There are times when owning your own business can be fun, it definitely has its benefits, but there are also some pitfalls to being your own boss.

Starting your own business means being the one in charge. That’s an amazing feeling, not to mention it can be a great advantage. You make the rules, hold creative control, and of course, call the all the shots. Unless of course you have to answer to particularly controlling clients. In our line of work, we need a lot of hands on deck when collaborating with clients. Collaboration takes on many forms, we don’t just collaborate, we do what they ask and add our particular areas of expertise. Working with clients can sometimes be challenging but is nothing compared to having a boss that constantly controls your daily tasks, tells you when to come in, and essentially operates all of your work life. Being your boss sounds like the ideal job right?

Owning a business is no walk in the park and not just because you have to answer to clients. There is a lot of detailed and strenuous planning that goes into running your business, you can’t make moves without a plan right? A major part of that plan is having a solid team behind you. Your team is crucial because you have to be able to rely on your them especially when starting out. The hardest part can be knowing how to make the tough calls when it comes to hiring, firing, and expanding. Clients, employees, and of course actually running the business can be a lot to carry, but if it’s what you love, it is worth it all at the end of the day.

There will always be ebbs and flows in any industry. However, the greatest advice we can give anyone who wants to be their own boss, make sure you have the personality of a leader, inventiveness of a creative, and of course, lots and lots of patience.

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