Are You Really Listening To Your Customers?

Are You Really Listening To Your Customers?

Listen Linda, it’s important to truly hear what your customers are saying, because they’re the reason you’ll continue to succeed or the reason you’ll shut down. 

What are we talking about when we say listen? Give them a chance to speak and they will, prime example here, the customer is ALWAYS right. Not really, but in all seriousness, a happy customer doesn’t need to be bribed with coupon codes, free product, or a shout out. You just have to ask, wait, and listen. They’ll tell you what they want, or what they don’t. (cough cough Instagram).

Here are three examples of what brands are doing this week to stand out by listening to their audience:

  1. Nike is also doing a FIRE job right meow. In case you aren’t up to date with what goes on in the world of football…there’s been an issue with players kneeling for a few season now. Collin Kaepernick has headlined this protest every year since 2016 and the league has been up in arms ever since. Cue Nike with this AMAZING response to the 30 year celebration of #JustDoIt. There is of course backlash but Nike is a great brand to make a statement for both its athletes and the people who need a voice. While many brands have fallen silent on the NFL protests and police brutality in general, they. Are. Here. 
  2. Nike is also making strides for women – while Hispanic marketing continues to be a growing force, Latinas in general are often neglected when it comes to good marketing. Nike is giving us this to start. I’m very excited to see how that jump-starts more active-wear brands in the Latino market.
  3. Another big name – Grindr, is graduating from hookup app to publisher. This is a long time coming, the LGBT community has been growing more powerful and still has rom to grow but Grindr is taking a step in the right direction to unite rather than alienate (in my opinion).

There are many other examples if these don’t quite hit home for you – keep your eyes out and think about brands that YOU love – have they done any IG polls lately or sent out a survey? Have you had a complaint addressed and even fixed on a larger scale? It’s no longer just a ‘sorry we don’t do that’ kind of world, so use your own voice when it matters and listen to what people are saying. It could impact more than you think.

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