Ad Campaigns That Make Us Happy on #DayOfHappiness

We love International Day of Happiness. Any opportunity to smile together and share a laugh is important to our team, but especially today in the wake of a global pandemic. That’s why we want to share some of the ad campaigns that made us grin ear to ear recently. 

M&M’S: Feeling Stuck

Biana Lerman’s Choice

I love M&M ads in general because they can poke fun of themselves in very clever ways that make you want to roll your eyes and laugh at the same time. Not to mention I'm a huge Peanut M&M'S fan... always rooting for the yellow one! have grown to love the journey of the talking candy characters. I mean, just the idea of candy going to therapy and talking about being stuck, while actually being stuck, makes me giggle.


Subaru: Dog Tested

Carly Steinberg’s Choice

Anyone who says they don’t enjoy this commercial is lying. This commercial always brings a smile to my face because dogs have that effect on me. Subaru did a great job with their tagline “Dog Tested, Dog Approved.” Most people have a weakness for puppies so they really got us there. Not complaining though...


TUSHY: TP Shortage

Cody H. Owens’s Choice

Okay, I admit I am already obsessed with the TUSHY brand (and I don’t even have one of their bidets), but this ad is so smart. With coming across as greedy and shitty—oh yes, pun intended—the TUSHY team capitalized on the coronavirus scare with this ad about the toilet paper shortage. Not only is it about boosting sales, of course, it’s also about providing a more sustainable alternative to the TP panic. The ad is timely, smart, simple, short, smile-inducing and, as always, in the unmistakable TUSHY voice. This brand is doing it right!


Disney: Finomenon

Eryn Pendergast’s Choice

This Disney ad celebrating the 30 year anniversary of The Little Mermaid is incredible. The ad shows how much it is still adored by people from all walks of life. It makes me smile to see humans connect over the beautiful music. I guess I wasn’t the only one obsessed with Ariel!


Various brands: Dogs

Laurel Mintz’s Choice

Why choose only one? This compilation of dog commercials is fucking hysterical. 


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