A Surefire Way to Nail Your Branding (But Not Too Well; I'm Talking to You, Coke)

Branding is an essential element in any company, if this wasn’t true, we’d be out of a job. A brand is the image associated with your  company. However, this is not limited to just imagery, but includes the message your company wants to send as well. For instance, customer service is a huge part of a brand, meaning proper training is a part of branding. If you’re not training your employees well and no one is doing their job properly, then the image or message you’re sending to your customers is, “your time or money has no value to us,” so why should they value you?

However, sometimes your branding is SO good, you could potentially lose rights to your company’s brand name, i.e. Coke or Coca-Cola, Kleenex (Tissue), Xerox (Copy Machine). This is interesting, but it also means you’re doing something right. Coke has become synonymous with all kinds of soft drinks, as is Tupperware. Why? Because these products were so sought after, that they became common household names. This is seemingly the end goal. However, losing the rights to your company’s name might not always be the goal to achieve, but becoming a household name is definitely something to try and achieve. The question is: how do you get there?

Essentially, good branding is composed of:

  1. Consistent images (i.e. color themes on your websites, business cards, logos)
  2.  Visuals and creative imagery
  3. Great customer service and customer care. Businesses are more likely to receive great word of mouth advertising when they take the time to show their customers they care about them. This often resonates in the minds of customers, which encourages them to tell others about the quality service.
  4. One quality product that is offered instead of trying to sell a multitude of different products. Would Kleenex still be Kleenex if it offered tissue, but cotton balls, sneakers, and watches? Probably not.
  5. Outdated marketing techniques and images I.e. Not having a social media account with a website
  6. Be consistent with your message. If you want to be known as an honest company, have a positive and honest message, with subsequent honest and positive service. If you are consistent throughout everything you do, then your brand will achieve greatness.

Good branding takes time, effort, and strategy. A brand concept can be created overnight but a good brand can’t. Work on your brand one day at a time and listen to your consumers to build the brand successfully.

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