6 Tips to Success: What Every Website Needs

In a digital and technological world, it is essential that every business has a corresponding website. The constant bombardment of  content, ads, and social sharing in general make it nearly impossible for any business to survive without a website or at the very least, a social media account. Thus, we have made a 6-step guide to creating the perfect website. You’re welcome.

  1. Have a masked domain name. a domain name that does not contain your host site’s company name. For instance, your website should look like: www.yourcompany’sname.com. This makes your website look completely professional, even if you personally operate it through a host site that costs less than $50 a month to operate.
  2. Branding. Make sure that your website fits in line with your company’s image. Make sure that the colors, fonts, and images are all the same as on your business cards, logos, and brand images.
  3. Blogs/Events/News Page. What’s better than having your own source of advertisement? If you’re business has been featured or promoted by someone else, let everyone know about it here! It’s also a really great way to connect with your audience. Blogging is another great option for personal advertisement and connection. This offers your customers or clients insight into your company’s thought process.
  4. A contact page. You want to let everyone know where and how to contact you. Whether it be by phone number, email, or even written mail, it’s important for your customers to have a way to contact you.
  5. Social Media Account Links. It’s a great thing for people to be able to visit all of your subsequent social media account links right from your website (and vise versa). Social media is a great way for your fans and followers to let you know how much they love you by going the extra mile to follow you on your accounts.
  6. Simple Navigation. You don’t want to overpopulate your website with tons and tons of information. Too much information and too much clutter prevent people from seeing what really matters. If they want to know more, they can always contact you with the information you’ve given them on your contact page.

Websites are the window to your business in the digital space. They should reflect the who, what, why, how, and quality of your work. Investing time, money, and a little humor can be worth it as long as you see the bigger picture.

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