5 of the Best Zoom Backgrounds

Now that everyone is working at home, Zoom is super popular. But at Elevate My Brand, we’re no Zoom newbies. We use the video conference platform for all of our remote meetings. One of the best parts of Zoom is its feature where you can change your background. You can use one of Zoom’s default images, or you can upload your own background image.

Here are our favorite funny backgrounds that you can use for your Zoom work meetings, happy hours or hangouts. 

Tiger King

I’m sure you’ve heard of the hit Netflix docuseries Tiger King. Who hasn’t? It was the star of the coronavirus quarantine. This ridiculous background features Joe Exotic and one of his tigers. It’s sure to get your friends giggling as soon as you join the Zoom.


Outer Space

Want to visit the moon? The milky way galaxy? Here’s a great Zoom background that’s as out of this world as you are. 


The Office

Feel like a character in NBC’s classic sitcom The Office with this perfect Zoom background. This one is great for work meetings because it is subtle enough to pass as a generic work background, but those who know the show will love the reference.


On a Boat

Yep. Just hanging out on a boat with my friends. No big deal. Can you get sun burnt on Zoom?



There are hundreds of Harry Potter-themed backgrounds to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with using the most iconic and recognizable building in the wizarding world.


Eryn Pendergast, Executive Assistant
Elevate My Brand

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