5 Ideas for Cross-Promoting Your Company

Cross promotions save your business time and money and increase advertising exposure because you can team up to launch a dynamic campaign with other businesses.

You don't have to be a large retailer or business to offer cross-promotions. Independent and small businesses can still benefit from teaming with complementary companies just as easily! A sporting goods store might collaborate with a fitness center, or a caterer might work together with an event planner to launch a successful campaign. The possibilities are endless! You just have to find the right partners to join you.

Consider these 5 ideas to cross-promote your company:

  1. Create a co-branded advertisement for the local newspaper or television commercial. If you are a mortgage broker, connect with a real estate agent and moving company and purchase a joint advertisement. The costs will be one-third of that of a solo advertisement or commercial. These are all complementary businesses. Find your complimentary business and contact them to see if they would like to co-advertise!
  2. Run a contest with prizes from all your partners. A florist, beauty salon and dry cleaner in a strip mall could hold a drawing where the winner receives a dozen roses, a manicure and $50 worth of dry cleaning. These companies are not exactly compliments but if you and your businesses are all on the strip mall people are more likely to visit them at one point or another.
  3. Co-produce a lecture. An interior designer and a furniture store could talk about inexpensive ways to revamp a family room or teach attendees how to color coordinate a room by using inexpensive furnishings and the expert design skills of the interior designer.
  4. Set up a display with samples in each other's location. If you own a bakery, place a plate of freshly baked cookies along with a sign on the counter of a neighboring store. If you're a home remodeler, ask to place brochures in the local hardware store. Simple things like this can have a huge impact.
  5. Share a booth at trade shows, business expos or other events where both companies can land clients. Trade shows and expos are a great place to get new clients and doing it as a team with another company makes it easier on both your businesses.

Just by doing these simple things, you can bring in many new customers!

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