420 Delights… and We Aren't Talking About the Pies

420 Delights… and We Aren't Talking About the Pies

4/20 has come and gone, for some people it is a rare celebration and for others it was just another Thursday thanks to differing legalization rules and the changing cannabis industry. As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, we begin to see a rise in popularity of other cannabis related options. For instance, cannabis and the growing presence in food and beverage world. The days of just simple pot brownies have been lost in the haze of sushi, craft desserts, wine, and anything and everything infused with weed. If you can eat it, the potential to be high exists. We even found an incredible 4-hour event hosted by Culinary and Cannabis where you have the opportunity to learn how to create your own edible butter and oils so you can make your own gourmet infused meals. (Yum!) People are advancing in this field so quickly, that it is becoming more difficult to detect if there is pot in your meal. Read about what happened to the 6 North Carolina hospital workers that accidentally got ahold of some pot infused cookies and muffins. The industry and its practices are getting more advanced and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. 

As legislation continues to change state-by-state many organizations are even jumping on board with new ways to grow. A professor at the University of Denver, Professor Seaborn, just started a new class titled the ‘Business of Marijuana.’ In this class, you learn all about the growing industry as well as how to run a business, period. Read more about the class here. Another person to learn from is Colorado’s largest pot infused candy distributor, Nancy Whiteman, co-owner of Wana Brands. Soon she’ll be infusing weed in chardonnay. Incredibly enough, more and more of these cannabis companies are popping up in places where pot is legalized. As we watch the industry bud into a more socially accepted practice, we predict to see more restaurants in cities where it’s legal to smoke, offer weed infused items or menus to their patrons. The goal is for cannabis to be as socially acceptable as liquor. Until then, try some weed infused recipes like “Rasta Pasta.”

We hope you had a safe and happy 420 infused with lots of special weed delights.

Image via (UNSPLASH)