3 Tips for Making Killer Marketing Decisions

It’s always important to remember that marketing decisions can differ drastically from company to company. There’s no one correct formula that can improve a product’s exposure. However, paying attention to these details can definitely fine-tune the way you successfully oversee the way your product, services, or brand is marketed to its consumers.

Know Your Audience:

This obvious, but often overlooked piece of advice is the most important thing to keep in mind when you are making marketing decisions. Not only should you focus on how to attract users and customers, but also on how to retain them. Get in their shoes. Try to see things from their perspective, or what we sometimes refer to as the 30,000-foot view. Rather than hoping they will react a certain way to the product or service, be realistic and look at the numbers which will never lie to you. Look at past sales trends and how your customers have reacted to past marketing initiatives from your company. They’ll tell you what they like and what they don’t like. By listening to that and building off of previously successful strategies and campaigns, you can do no wrong.

Get Rid of Your Fears:

Many executives or decision makers forget that marketing has a social element to it. Because the scope of marketing is often hard to track, people tend to focus so much on reaching measurable goals, which is great, but with different number comparisons and specific strategies that often conduct marketing teams, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. It can be problematic if all the attention is paid solely to the technical side of marketing decisions for fear of lack of success. Interacting with humans can’t be calculated, so let go of the fear that there’s nothing to quantify and take time to think of decisions that may not fit the tried and true models of marketing plans.

Talk and Share:

The point of marketing is to reach a large audience base, so collaborating and exchanging views, ideas, and opinions with members of your team is of the upmost important. Setting a time aside during the day to go over talking points can definitely help any marketing decisions. Access to your coworkers is an invaluable resource when testing out future decisions and can uncover more about certain decisions that you may not have previously thought of by yourself. Not to mention, creative brainstorming with your team can always brighten everyone’s mood and lead to potentially invaluable ideas. 

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