3 Tips for Becoming a Leading Influencer

3 Tips for Becoming a Leading Influencer

Good influencers are a dime a dozen.

Here’s a little secret… an influencer’s success isn’t determined by numbers, but rather by engagement. People may seek growth hacking tools like Boostio to expand their network, but the likes, shares, and comments are what build the digital community. If you are working on your social presence, listen up! Here are 3 tips for becoming a successful micro influencer.

  1. Candid is in! But seriously. Stop taking 50+ pictures to find the “perfect” photo. Nothing is more relatable than imperfection. If you are an influencer, showcase the product without making it look staged. People are more attracted to ads that do not feel like ads. Don’t be fooled by a photo’s good looks and charm… it’s the message that resonates most. 
  2. Stop spending time growing your social network if you are not increasing your engagement rate at the same time. Engagement is everything! Do you really want to be that person who has 20K followers and only 50 likes on a post? Didn’t think so! Drive growth through interaction. Rather than buying your followers, influence them with valuable content that is worth aligning with. The more you converse with your audience, the more they will respond. 
  3. Position yourself purposefully. As an influencer, placement is important – both for the individual and the advertised product. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Minimize clutter
  • Keep it simple (less is more)
  • Create a transparent image 
  • Make the message easily digestible 
  • Capture secondary elements (i.e. lighting, sceneries, floral/décor, etc.)

Let your image do the talking, and the stories do the networking. Become an influence; not just a body that fills the space.

Brought to you by your favorite puns-master, Molly.

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