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  • We get it…

    Marketing isn't the same as she once was. Virtual events have gone from boring to everything, digital advertising has gone from nice-to-have to necessity, and the funnel from marketing to sales is now even longer. It's hard to keep up! But we can. (It's kind of our thing.)

    As a woman-owned marketing agency, we blend data and creative to elevate the visibility and profitability of your brand. We put process and people first so our agency family can develop and execute exciting campaigns that showcase our commitment to creativity, play and results. Let's elevate your brand today!

  • Social Engagement Is Human Engagement

    Connecting people with people. It's what we do! Watch our popular blog where Laurel explains why your engagement rates might be down and how influencer marketing is going to impact your social content.

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  • Strategy & Execution
    We take the subjectivity out of the creative process. Our roadmap report takes a deep dive into your data so we understand your brand inside and out in 30 days or less. It includes a detailed SOW, too! In short, we take you from point A to point EMB.
    Let's Strategize!
    Creative & Content
    Your audience sees up to 10,000 marketing messages per day, including yours. How can your content stand out and convert? Meaningful marketing starts with great storytelling, and we give good narrative.
    Visibility & Awareness
    Organic is only for fruits and vegetables these days. Brands that grow exponentially know it's a pay-to-play world. Our certified ads team puts your money where your customers are, while our content strategists leverage your existing partnerships.
    After a full year in isolation, we can’t wait to attend IRL events, and neither can your customers. Whether you want hybrid or in-person experiences, our events team can create the critical and personal touchpoints that meet your marketing goals and wow your attendees.
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  • Verizon Digital Media Services

    “The EMB team executed seamlessly and brought us fresh, custom design concepts. We enjoyed working with them so much in fact that we immediately engaged them for 2018.” Mary Kay Evans, CMO 

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  • Tamara Mellon

    From conceptualization to execution, this walk-in shoe closet was produced in under 2 months and generated “the highest number of social media interactions” for Tamara Mellon to date!

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    Well it’s about time! Let’s start with our Entry Questionnaire to make sure we’re the right fit. Answer a few questions and away we go!
    9 Easy Steps to Marketing
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