Your October 3rd Social Update

Your October 3rd Social Update

Yesterday was October 3rd. That means 2 things: Happy Anniversary to the best couple ever, and #meangirlsday. Did you celebrate properly? I fetched it up after my pizza + sush date last night.

Real Kwik: Science, it’s what’s for breakfast.

Now let’s get to business. Bumble is, so anyone who was looking for an excuse not to delete their account can keep it now.

The Social Networks:

Facebook is doing the most. Facial recovery, video chat, and status creeping. Oh My! In the midst of all that you can find your friends on WhatsApp and chat if Messenger isn’t really your thang. BTW in addition to friend creepin, you can check out the ads that brands have been creepin to you.

The ‘Gram is throwing us all for a loop. #updatecity. My fave update: polls. (blue shoes or leopard, followers help me out!) Have you noticed that your feed is a tad more noisy? Bye bye perfect feed, hello 4-block chaos? Watch your followers sink (or grow) but only if you have an Android…WTAF. You can get choosy with your comments too, so watch it trolls! I’m also going to take this moment for an IG PSA: DON’T. BUY. FOLLOWERS. Kthankxbye

And big news from Twitter: long tweets? Why…

Don’t forget about Snap Inc. It’s still staying relevant so get your bitmoji jamming on stat.

How bow dem apps?

Lyft for grandma? Speaking of getting a ride…Don’t expect an Uber to be on time in London. TBH is all about love. Don’t stop there, make the internets bloom again. In general internet wtfery: Apple against the world with Google to the advertising rescue.

All TYPES of feelings:

It’s fall. (hello, October 3rd  was yesterday) we get it PSL. But do not fret my dears, something else may take the throne. In the meantime, sit yourself down for this Sanderson Sister news: #WAT. If you’re not jazzed about the update at least you can get nostalgic with some Hocus Pocus beauty. Find your fall activities for Pumpkin Patches or Oktoberfest but please, do NOT talk to me about anything PSL.

Treat yoself!

We all wish we could be as cool as this teacher…Or as oblivious as this with our skincare? Ma’am. But you can sleep easy knowing this. Sit back, relax, and play DAMN this way. #yourewelcome BRB sipping some tea and using my ears. (insert Grinch smile here).

Food fun:

This is not a drill: chocolate + peanut butter + cheerios = YASSSS. And if you’re in the mood for some other new snacks…This turkey leg may inspire you to get on the GoT horse. Oreo is doing the damn thing just in time for ‘winter’. If you’re like me and prefer your winter beverages to be boozy, you can have your wine + all the feels with these cans. #standwithpp. Or have this avocado beer to say you did.

And now it’s time for your WTF Internet roundup:

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