#WineWednesday Social Update

#WineWednesday Social Update

A new month means a new batch of social stuffs to read about. Ready? Ok!

Facebook continues to benefit brand and marketers, it’s gaining the most cash money from mobile advertising and working on getting really, really fast…Here are some other new fun things in store:

The social giant also had some bad news, losing $500 million for VR. 

Instagram continues to grow, take over Snapchat, and also kill itself? The photo sharer turned errethang app is on yet another change kick. Here are some new features to be aware of:

But we still can’t get desktop posting…pero why Insta, pero why? On a positive note, it was used to drop a new album via lens, so snaps for you lil ghosty!

Twitter came out and told us what it is, so that’s a thing.

Snapchat has been getting some intense heat from Insta lately…no news there, but it’s fighting back with some interesting stuffs. They filed for IPO and introduced us to Clickable snapcodes, we’ll see how they do. If you’re still on the fence of Snaps V. Insta, here are some fun Snap facts you should check up on.

Other big social network news: 

Russia got salty with LinkedIn…now is not the time Vlad ok? For the rest of us…check out the new design and share yo thoughts. Google Maps is a roller coaster some days, but now it can help you have your cake and eat it too. Pinterest is getting all kinds of fancy with this new feature. And Vine STILL wants a piece of the photo-sharing pie so hello Vine Camera? Speaking of apps competing…YouTube is saying ‘Cash me ousside how bow dah’ to FB. And if your small children want to Like, share, and post here’s where they can do it (too soon?). Your move FB, lolz, your move.

Dating apps continue to get lit. This one might actually be a good idea (stay tuned for updates)…Tinder is swiping right on advertising, and the ‘Netflix and chill’ concept might be completely mind blown as we know it Get it, mind…

Getting political:

Since the orange ruler has taken office, there’s been a LOT happening in the business world. #DeleteUber has come and gone but what was the aftershock? Lyft spoke up and put their money where their mouth is (so did a number of other giants) and is going global to compete with Uber. You know who is benefitting the sudden activist community? Yarn shops. Yaasss queen knitters ftw. Side eye, but check some stuffs TSA found on the daily last year. I mean…

Across the internets:

Ed Hardy is apparently a thing again, not cool. But Reese wants come back again, which is cool. I think we can all agree this is exactly the kind of time that Reese should save the day, #amirite? It’s finally out, the hanger is real, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. #science And if you’re on a ‘new year, new me’ health kick still, good luck getting in on that goat-yoga class. All health related jokes aside, consider unplugging and trying some new stuffs for health in 2017.

In case you missed it, someone dropped 100G's on a flamin’ hot cheeto, that looked like Haramabe. WAT. Don’t get me wrong, you KNOW I’m all about cheese flavored snacks but like really? Sir, no.

 For all you peeps out there on crazy diets for the new year, try this game idea or how bow dis: this is your next vacation island. My own personal hell, NO JUNK FOOD. #sorude 

To make up for that here is your virtual junk food fix:

And the future?

The medical tech world is growing and giving us some pretty cray concepts, like this skin type. Say goodbye to your iPhone, Android pocket monster, and even those Windows phones we never hear about. This is coming. (maybe). While you’re at it, get ready for hand chargers, like what?! And maybe even Self driving cars…maybe not next year but like soon? 

I’m going to leave you with some wine themed readings. As much as it pains me to relate to a small child, this baby is my spirt animal on this glorious #WineWednesday. Enjoy, but not like this cat….

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