Wine Wednesday Social Update

Wine Wednesday Social Update

It’s Wine Wednesday, I broke my tequila week (thanks Perky Paul!), and Bowser & I are catching up on S&TC season 4 dreaming of Aiden and Miranda’s good hair.

What did you miss so far this month? Hold on to your wigs - the ma’ambulance is coming!

First: Gucci Mane got married, this is NOT a drill. Shoutout to Allie for this week’s EMB spotlight post. Second: AOL is officially being shut down (was this still seriously a thing?!?!) 

Ever get starstruck by a booty? Same. Football season is off to an interesting start, QBs out left and right, and the Superbowl entertainment is already looking awful. Ok, let's get to it.

The Social Networks:

Facebook is taking over (surprise surprise) with dinner, your resume, and more. In addition to turning ad impressions upside down…they’re really trying to be your everything. Instagram is also having a moment, a Facebook moment that is. Have you tried it yet? Before you get too tired of Facebook’s reign, now you can block it. Snapchat is whipping out some new shit and Twitter is still just trying to keep up

App City.

This headline is murky, but could it be such a bad thing in the land of happy swipers? Speaking of swiping… You can get a reaction but prepare for a bit more of an investment with your #netflixandchill. What flew up their nose? iOS is really making us all say Heck! These updates are really taking us for a spin! This is good but also, sad that it’s actually supes important. Lastly…YASSSSS MERMAIDZZZ! New txt who dis?

All the Fall Feels:

Food Fun:

The Internet Roundup:

Ok that’s all for now, it’s past my bedtime! Pizza, cats, and sush!

P.S. This is rad though rite?

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