What Your Business Card Says About You

We talked a little bit about personal branding and today we want to talk about what your business card says about you. Now I know that we all have stacks of cards on our desks. Hopefully you are more organized and doing good follow-ups, which is one of our previous conversations.

Usually you have one pocket for your card and one pocket for the cards you get. At the end of the day and you go and look at the cards, they really do have an inherent feel that they reflect when you look at them. I know I’ve had that experience and I’m sure you have too. Thinking about what your business cards says about you is very important. In "American Psycho" (I know this is a strange reference) but Christian Bale and the other characters have that conversation where they are looking at each other’s business cards and it’s this color, and this font, and this is raised, and it’s a very funny reference but it makes a really good point. Watch it here: American Psycho Business Card scene. 

Your business card has to reflect who you are as a businessperson. For example, if you are an attorney and you need to attract a certain high-end level of client, if you hand out a flimsy business card that is messily put together, is not on great cardstock  - that says something about your brand.

For those of you who have had our cards, you know that it is a satin-finish. They are fairly elegant with rounded edges, which is a little bit more modern. We even created a second repeat on the back which has very light watermark of who are clients are, and our taglines, and of course, the color scheme that we chose to reflect our personal brand.

Business cards are absolutely critical. I cannot tell you how many bad business cards I’ve gotten. It’s such an easy fix. I mean, think about how much it would cost you to actually do that. You can use a graphic designer or you can come to us and use ours – it’s anywhere between $65-$95 an hour for a really great graphic designer who can layout a card and print those cards on great stock.  All in all, it would cost you a couple hundred bucks and it would make a huge world of difference in terms of how you make that first impression. So, business cards, even though it’s a tiny piece of paper, are really important impressions to make on strategic partners and of course, your potential clients. If you need any help with your business cards or brand, contact us here.