What to Wear to Work in the PR and Marketing Industry

What to Wear to Work in the PR and Marketing Industry

Whether you work for a firm with corporate clients or you’re a freelancer who meets with agencies and clients, how you dress says a lot about your personality. Like it or not, attire can speak volumes about your business persona, too.

Many people who work in creative industries such as advertising, PR, or digital like to push the fashion envelope. After all, people hire creative types for their great ideas. So should they dress the part?

Here are six “what to wear” rules for people in PR and other creative industries:

Feel comfortable in your clothes. Your clothes should reflect your true self. You should feel comfortable in what you wear. So when shopping for work clothes, make sure they are comfy enough to wear for long periods of time.

Dress to impress on the job hunt. If you’re looking for a full-time opportunity step it up a bit with something slightly more formal that shows a dash of personality, but nothing that overwhelms the situation. For men, it might mean a colorful pocket square for your suit jacket. For women, it might be how you choose to accessorize your outfit.

Accessorize carefully. Some say the ability to accessorize is what separates us from animals. Make sure your jewelry doesn’t get in your way or cause a distraction to anyone else around you.

Fit the culture.  If you work in a casual environment, dressed fashion forward. Assess the company culture before buying work outfits.

Follow the leader. Take a cue from their boss when attending client meetings. If he or she is normally business casual in the office, but wears a suit or other more formal attire when visiting certain clients, do the same. No one has ever been looked down upon for dressing up a bit or dressing slightly more conservatively.

Dress your age. If you’re older than 25, you don’t need to dress down to fit in. But do dress your age. For men, that could mean a sports jacket or suit with an open collar. For women, it can be tempting to have fun, but not too much.

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