What Is Elevate?

Hi guys Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Cody on our team actually recently brought to my attention the fact that I have never done a blog on what Elevate My Brand actually means. It blew my mind. I was like, I can’t believe I haven’t told you guys where this name comes from and the meaning behind it. I’d been working on the brand for sometime with some really expensive brand experts and I could not come up with the name of my company. This was almost 12 years ago now. I went to bed and it came to me in a dream. I woke up, I knew Elevate My Brand was going to be the name but then I of course had to bring some meaning behind it and I looked up the word “elevate” and it really means “to rise above, to raise up”. It’s a very positive, encouraging message. So it really did connect what we were trying to do with the brands that we represent and support and who we are at our core as an agency. It was a great starting point. Like I said it came to me in a dream from the Heavens I don’t know. And that’s how Elevate My Brand was born. Now almost 11 years later, we’ve been using the word Elevate pretty consistently because the truth is, that’s what we do for our clients. If you’d like to be elevated, let us know. We are excited about 2020 and we hope you are too.