Weekly Social Takeover

Weekly Social Takeover

What's new in the digital space? Here are a few things you should know from our social media manager:

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So remember that time I brought up an app that rates people…well it’s back. For real this time. As if we needed more reasons to judge each other. In positive judging, the creative ladies have been announced, we’re not on the list but there’s always next year!

Important things to know:

Don’t be afraid to be funny at work, but make sure you have a filter. Some things are just not okay to joke about, no matter who you are. 

So about those long lengthy blogs – short shorts may be out but short blogs are in! And in LA, Billboard ads are not dead, yet.

Facebook is still upset about not getting it’s hands on Snapchat, or so it seems. The social giant is trying to prove it’s weight in “social value” with some bans & straight mimicking. How very Plastics. In the jumble of which social network is bigger, Instagram (owned by Facebook) has casually stopped accepting Snapchat ‘Add Me’ links. #youcantsitwithus…But Facebook is still trying to be cool and make Fetch happen. Introducing Masquerade, the creepy profile pic option. If you really feel like sharing a creepy look at your life, you can blog about it and share it straight from your Wordpress. (Cue shuddering at thoughts of old MySpace and Zynga-esque posts). But all the childish games aside, Facebook is going to make some friends again with it’s possible collab for #TNF. That’s Thursday Night Football for anyone who isn’t a football fan…And all jokes aside, that a pretty big deal. 

Back to reality, the new ad options know what’s up! Yassss for Canvas ads #sokewl Speaking of ads, Instagram and Facebook are advertising bffs now. You can have your social popularity on FB and Instagram too! And Pinterest is embracing the art of small business, one DIY pin at a time. 

If you are’t on Snapchat yet, well it’s time. A few updates of many, proving that Facebook DOES have something to worry about. #SocialReveue Need to explain the ROI of Insta? There’s a new sales app in town and it could help explain the value of those #instafab pictures you’ve been posting lately. You too could be bragging about the sales numbers straight from that little camera button we all love. And just to throw us all a curveball: Kodak Moments is here. But not for your data…? (Yet).

Twitter duped us all when it tried to copy Facebook a while back. But guess what, that little switch from a star to a heart really did work! Twitter may not come in first place but it's going to stay in the race a little while longer. 

Because it’s snacktime somewhere: food addiction is real life. And it all starts with this sneaky dairy product…These memes kind of ruin snacks for me, kind of Trump or chicken anyone? Before you go out on Thursday, you should know what kind of cocktail you are. #luckoftheIrish

And just for fun, this is why cats rule the world…#yourewelcome

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