Tuesday Dose of Social Magic

Tuesday Dose of Social Magic

It’s that time of day again…JK it’s a whole new time of day for the social update, so here you go. Been M.I.A. For a minute but now it’s back in action and giving you a rundown of the happs on the internets.

Let’s review:

The Facebook has had some questionable actions lately. Between the whole #adgate scandal and really just pulling a Kady Heron on Snapchat, it’s been making people reconsider it’s place on the pedestal for months now. To give you some highlights though, the book did give us a few good things in the last few weeks of the year. Android users get to make the FB world a more colorful place (it’s just to make them feel special amirite?) and some nice updates to it’s e-commerce site. But really, just go on Craigslist…I’ve seen some shady stuff there. Still waiting for this feature to roll-out and lastly (but very importantly) the pizza bots are here and I’m so ok with that. #pizzaallday

For the advertisers: Facebook has long been promising FB at Work and it’s finally here! (as well as a ‘reasonable’ price tag). Group messages are now being questioned for ad sanity as well as videos! Though this video update is helpful to those of us who just don’t have time to watch a video but want to read it, the whole ‘ads during a video’ thing really kind of grinds my gears. Audience targeting has gone through some ish, global is getting better but demographics has had some hiccups.

The twitterverse has been lit lately. Wendy’s is the #trollmaster, beauty brands are stepping up their trending game, and of course parody accounts are giving us hope to an otherwise questionable political future. iOS users have been given the power (cue the music) to skip the bad tweets AND all twitter users are being teased with, dare I say it? AN EDIT BUTTON!!! #gamechanger We can also use emojis with the Google to find all the stuffs. Magic, pure magic. In sacrilegious news, Twitter was testing a no RT button, like isn’t that part of what makes Twitter, Twitter? #gasp #canteven

The Snapchat has remained a tried and true fave, it got rid of the stupid Story Auto-Play and instead let’s you control your own Story playlist (#luhdashii).  With a little help from Elite Daily and the always selfie-obsessed Kardashian Klan, here is a lil Snapchat guide to #stayclassy. Marketers are loving it still and this analytics tracker proves it. And in case you had no idea how to use Snapchat in a business sense…get out of here. JK, this handy prediction list should give you a clue. 

Instagram. Let’s chat. Ch-ch-ch-changes! And it’s still going strong.

In other app news: Kevin Hart. Emojis. Yaassss. But like why though? Who knows…Sick of dating but still want to be a mom? It’s cool, this app lets you keep that right swipe going for a baby daddy. #wat Forget the question mark of being catphished or dating a serial killer, you can do some serious research on your online matches here. Just don’t get mad when you find out they are a dud…#sorry  

Chrome extensions you need: organization + marketing and all that jazz because its 2017 and like, get it together right? Also this, for some gender equality up in this stock photo biz. But if you’re looking to avoid a certain orange faced mop head kittens should do the trick! (We cat ladies know where its at!) 

Some pop culture for your happy hour gossip: Bill Nye is back, and I can’t even. Just another reason why I heart Netflix. Serena Williams is the true taco queenThe Emoji Movie is real, real terrible possibly. So don’t get your hopes up. but DO take this job seriously, because the future is very animated. Please can we not with the creepy old dude Craigslist requests anymore?? Like Coachella is NOT that fetch, even is Bey is going to headline.

Let’s make 2017 better: for starters, stop with the pumpkin madness ok, this cannot happen again. While we’re talking about food, let’s make this a reality for all the gross foods of 2017. Avoid these phrases and challenges, but let’s not forget really surviving and thriving with the good 'ol office email. Reconsider your out-of-office goals and get a head start on your secret santa gift.

Wrapping it up I promise, since tomorrow is #winewednesday and it’s January so everyone is all ‘healthy’ and ‘detoxing’ let’s take a minute to appreciate the hard work and teamwork it took for this study to happen. Enjoy that wine, because science! Until next time, cheers!

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