Trends to Stay on Top of and Ones to Look for in the Future of Social Media

Trends to Stay on Top of and Ones to Look for in the Future of Social Media

You may remember the introduction of hashtags (#), #hashtag #itsmonday #imhungry #imatthebeach #westcoastisthebestcoast. Yes, those annoying things that people use a million of to verbalize every thought and action they have. Once know as the pound sign, forever changed for social media magic. As time went on, people began to change the way they used hashtags to emphasize a point, 'I’m at the beach #summer', or during the rise of DJ Khaled on Snapchat with his classic #keytosuccess and #blessed.

Needless to say, trends and fads fade and evolve over the span of time. It’s important to know when something is currently trending as cool and when it's suddenly out. When was the last time you saw a social icon that included someone’s Friendster account or even Myspace? Those platforms are dead, but they gave rise to new platforms like Facebook and the current social media ruler, Instagram.

Social Media trends are constantly evolving. We held a discussion in the office and someone asked what might come after Snapchat? It’s pretty hard to imagine yet another social media platform. It seems like all bases have been covered. But in reality, another point that someone brought up is that there will always be something new. Something will always come up to meet a need we didn't know we had. There will always be another Waze, Postmates, Snapchat, or Instagram. There may be no two alike, but there will be something that people will gravitate towards.  

Currently, trends we see arising are the use of personal service applications like Postmates, Uber, and AirBnb. Other trends are the rise of personal apps for businesses and blogs alike. Instead of websites, we might see a rise in apps to connect directly with businesses you know and love. With the uprise of social media and technology, the world is becoming far more interconnected and tailored than ever before. What do you predict for the future of social emdia trends?

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