Thursday Social Takeover

Thursday Social Takeover

As the week comes to a close, here are a few things you should know from our social media manager: This week’s theme: ch-ch-ch-changes!


Sweden, everybody’s favorite meatball mastermind, has done it again! Possibly starting a new trend, the design diva of a country has decided to brand itself, naturally. So trendy, so trendy.


Is nothing on the internets sacred?!?! Now we have to be careful about videos because this. I know the inter web never lies, so this is like the biggest shock, but really? Now I have to second guess what cats are really saying in those hour-long Cat Video segments? #rude To make matters worse, this. Poor cat didn’t know what was coming.


And before you go all #yassss on that sushi order beware of the cray that is an angry customer. Instead of just tweeting about it or complaining like we’ve done for centuries (ok maybe give or take a few years with the tweets) now it’s about the intimidation factor – with your pet. #ohhellno

Moving on…Twitter celebrated 10 years earlier this week. Amazing right? Get ready for a major #throwbackthursday moment: ahh the young days of Twitter, so fresh, so foolish, and so early 2000s. Pfff 12 Netflix movies lasting 6 months? Try under 2 weeks buddy. It’s still a sad, sad day for Instagram lovers. People are not happy about the changes – are marketers to blame? (It’s for the people, so don’t get too choked up about it). The Gram was the star socialite in 2015 but now…who knows. Before you let it ruin your day, because the Pope has graced us with his presence#ilovethegram 

Where have all the mascots gone? Our fave brands are ditching the mascots for influencers (not just celebs) and trading in the tried and true for their something borrowed, something blue. Just don’t let the bots catch you weeping for your missing mascots. They don’t take kindly to complaints.(Neither does Siri apparently) Will this change your fast food eating habits? (YES)(NO)(MAYBE)(IAMNOTAHUMAN)

Speaking of changes…maybe it IS time for some social spring cleaning. Facebook is trying to up it’s game for security measures and just good old-fashioned fake accounts. #finally Tired of all the FB clutter lately? Go on, hit that delete button. (you know you want to). Why not try to freshen up your office space too? While you’re cleaning up a storm with all the forgotten mascots and furry creatures, you can drool over this new food platform: Nom. #newobsession

Does anyone else think Facebook Live is being pushed waaayyyyy too hard? AMIRITE!? Along with the Live update, Facebook reactions have been with us for a month. Now I don’t want to share any spoilers, buttt the numbers might come as a surprise. Likes still reign supreme. We complained about the Dislike button and got FB TV instead. #downgrade

Don Draper wouldn’t recognize the industry now…Ad peoples are bringing us #allthefeels now. Here’s a great example of how powerful (and amazing) a helpful ad campaign can be. Bottom line or not, this ad reminds us that not all ads are bad for social klout.

Taking a moment to get serious—>#Brussels was trending this week and someone was able to catch it in real time. It seems like we always hear how Twitter is such a news source yet still feel like we’re talking into the abyss. This goes to shows the magnitude of what affect “trending topics” look like across the globe. 

Parenting has also changed a bit since, IDK forevs? It’s now totes acceptable to list wine as a “child rearing need” or at least this judge says yasss to wine for raising small children. #parentingwin question mark…Stranger danger no more? This precious story is straight out of a Lifetime movie, but better. And remember when you were stuck learning about math with boring old chalkboards and smelly textbooks? That’s all old school news. Teachers know what’s up now. #Swag

The Best Change of the Week goes to: Twix spread, because duh, it’s Twix! #NeedDis That’s all for now folks. As Jennifer would say, Happy Thursday Eve! 

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