The Wonderful World of Social - the social update

The Wonderful World of Social - the social update

IDK about you but I am SO DONE with some of the internets this week. People are going nuts, countries are falling apart, and to top it all off, I learned that you can't have sparklers on the 4th of July in the Valley. #Rude To switch things up, and because it's #Friyay, we're going to start with some ridiculousness. Care for some clickbate? 20th Century style.

While you're out tonight unwinding and gettin jiggy with it, consider taking a break from the #OOTD #HappyHour #Squad #TGIF selfies. Your elbows will thank you. App news: 'Kiss Me Thru the Phone' could be back. I'm into it...?

And before you think about responding to that email about new internships or whatever, don't. Especially if it's anything like this. Why do good companies go bad when it comes to word trends? Lookin at you Microsoft...again. Never fear, buy yourself a new brunch outfit because, fun fact, shopping CAN make you happy!!! (cue the silent stadium applause) Thank you science.

Now I know you're curious, what DO people really do with the internets while their at work? How about these apples: 25% of them aren't even using it for work! #what If you're already questioning your interweb habits...what's your app appetite? Now onto the social news.

Snapchat has a competitor that is rocking the Asian social space. Do I smell a filter brawl coming up? #yaasssqueen But before we can expect an all out Snap war, Snapchat is pulling ahead with this: Memories. Now you can save, share, and stalk your stories. FB is testing the waters against Snapchat, AGAIN, with the possibility of disappearing messages. #QuestionMark 

Speaking of Messenger...ios users are getting the gift of multiple account login. #kewl As you may or may not have noticed, Facebook has trumped Twitter as the social news outlet​ of choice. With everything that has happened in the past week, there is absolutely no question in my book that FB is THE news source. With that being said, despite some setbacks for keeping FB Live feeds up and shareable, we could also be granted permission to save FB Live streams for future viewing. Interesante...

Twitter just can't catch a break. Moments was supposed to be amazeballs and (shocker) is coming across as another flop, err fall from the nest of greatness. Hopefully this response feature will have a better outcome...since most people use Twitter to complain to airlines, I think it will make or break some companies customer service reputations.

I leave you with this, what food fun are you?

Stay tuned for more social media gossip, err updates, cat gifs, and happy hour news every week from our social media bubble. Want to talk social? Tweet at us or find us on the 'Gram