The Social Takeover

The Social Takeover

Friday is already here (wasn’t it just Monday…) here’s what you might have missed in the digital world:

The Swedes have done it again! Remember when Sweden took on a full-on banding campaign, for the country? They’ve taken it a step further with this (anyone else tempted to give them a jingle?). #Hello #ItsMe If someone gave us a call what would you do? #callmemaybe

Speaking of countries pushing the limit, cheers to Italy, for understanding the importance of wine. To.Small.Children. #itsforthechildren If you really want to get weird with alcohol, consider how much fun you can have with the term mixology ooorrr head to the Mile High City. The Denver Chipotles’ are where it’s at, get your drank on and hit the slopes. Just don’t’ eat the food right?

The internets didn’t disappoint this week. The Facebook has some juicy updates for advertisers. Want to make your profile pic stand out from the other basics in the FB land? Check it, your wish has been granted, er well will be soon! Stealing a bit of the technologies from Facebook for the blind, this new tech is creepy but could be soooooo helpful for retargeting. Another piece of advertising gold? That pesky 20% rule is gone, just like the Girl from the book/movie, it comes with strings attached but a lot less cray. So that’s good right? While you’re getting all excited about advertising news, you can get all your updates delivered with a shiny new feature to make your ads better. #HowBoutThemApples #snapchatwho

But we can’t forget the importance of the little ghosty right? Snapchat is still a social darling. In addition to Snapchat 2.0 with the video calling, new stickers, no more story scrolling, and the other magical updates, Snapchat is trying to become numba one. Like of the world! #TotalDomination

Twitter had a pretty fab week as well. Thursday Night Football or #TNF for the tweet savvy fans is about to become a whole lot better. In a surprising upset, Twitter (of all networks) was crowned football god(dess) in combining the internets and NFL live streaming for one magical night each week. #yesgirlyes Less exciting for some, Twitter also quietly debuted the DM button so now you can send every single awesome NFL tweet to your trash-talking friend via DM instead of Ccing them and wasting your time. #word #downinthedm 

All is quiet on the Insta front. But these square shake pictures will give you something to say. #jealous Even the dark and twisty place for all things internet has made an upgrade. I give you Reddit the app! #questionmark

Not so secretive news, the Facebook and Snapchat have yet another brawl, this time it’s about your messages. Facebook messaging will never be the same. In addition, to the copycat messaging ID, that little thing called Facebook Live is growing up, and it’s trying real hard to be like that Snapchat biddy. Get ready to pick a side people, because it’s getting ugly! While the social giants are duking it out, brands will slowly creep in for the takeover. Win or not, we’ll soon find out.

On to happier topics, swearing. It feels so good sometimes, especially when you just can’t describe how unpleasant it feels to run into the corner of your desk without sounding like one of the guys from JackAss. I bring good tidings to you, swearing might just be the healer you need to relax. I’m not a scientist though so don’t get all up in my grill about it if it doesn't bring you chill. #namaste

I’m still avoiding Tinder like the plague but agencies are starting to use it for good (is that possible?) The hookup app can hook you up - with a job. Neat. Now all we need is an app to explain the potential consequences of swiping… oh wait. #technology 

I’ll leave you with this happy thought, police cats. Eliza and I are twinsies and someday cats might just rule the world. #realtalk 

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