The Future IS Female

The Future IS Female

“Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

March is here, and it’s the month where the pink carpet rolls out and everyone gets their #ladypride on. Get your women’s march signs out, wear your bandanas, burn your bras, use your hashtags, and whatever else you want to do to join in the celebration. We earned this right?

But in the midst of celebrating it’s important not to forget the struggle is real, literally, for so many women across the globe (and maybe even your backyard). We all know of women who have struggled or are in the midst of some kind of struggle and though we may not fight the same fight, as women we need to lift each other up (guys, we need you too) for EVERYONE to be on the same page. #Metoo and #timesup are in everyone’s feeds lately and it’s about damn time things started changing. 

A yoga brand I am an ambassador for held a challenge to share our own #metoo stories to continue the ‘aftermath’ conversation and connect yogis in the IG community. While this is not the first use of a brand connecting to a hashtag cause/movement for storytelling, it certainly isn’t the last and it is one that needs to continue to build. 

There are similar challenges happening across Instagram and slowly translating to conversations across other social channels but the biggest conversation comes from our collective posts, videos, stories, tweets, and blogs. 

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day was #pressforprogress and that couldn’t be more fitting. Brands are taking this to the extreme in a great way, you can see a few great examples here and here.  While sometimes cause marketing falls to deaf ears with brands (ahem, Pepsi), #pressforprogress encourages using your power to keep the conversation moving forward. Literally and figuratively. 

It is a frustrating yet inspiring time to be in positions of power – be it publishing, design, or social media, and at EMB we are focusing on women for the month of March, with our content, with our blogs, and with our hearts. Although that may sound silly for a female-led agency, it’s not. The future is female, and we’re here for it. 

Let’s continue to celebrate the women who have come before us, the women we look up to now, and encourage the women who will lead us in the future with the power of our words, digital or verbal, to make the world a better place for all humans. 

Brought to you by our head social cat, Elisa