That's All - Your Weekly Social Update

That's All - Your Weekly Social Update

We made it. Friday is upon us and the long weekend of food, fun, sun, and hot dogs is here.

This week was lit, just ask our fave mom Chrissy Teigen who started #blenderwars for a few laughs. It was also the 10th anniversary of our favorite fashionista Miranda Priestley. #DevilWearsPradaForever 

Onto the big news. We’ll be seeing a slight update to the ‘Likes’ on Facebook, or so we should be according to a recent update. Ahh the psychology of likes and marketing. You could also be seeing an increase in potential events as well as baby pics slash family posts in general if this algorithm change is true. #familyfirst Now might be a good time to test out your 360 photos though. #questionmark Thank god for that ‘Hide Post’ button…Some cool news? Nonprofits are about to get some major Facebook love. We can now fundraise for our ave NGOs and make it count. Lastly, Facebook Live is getting some upgrades – are you ready for it?

Not-so-hot Facebook news, remember when I mentioned the algorithm change? Well it’s a pretty significant algorithm change. How significant you ask? Because we all know that changes weekly it seems…this is kind of a big deal. As I mentioned before, we’ll be seeing more friends & fam posts. Meaning as marketers and publishers…we’re getting a short stick. But Pages might be getting a refresh. So that’s nice. 

Moving On, notice any creepers in your “People you may know” list? Yeah so are a lot of other peeps and Facebook had some very different things to say about it. Clickbait is also getting some major shade this week. Facebook users are taking a stand, err most likely sit, on the urking issues of disappointing articles..Now if we could just do something about all the political posts that’d be great….And can we all please just agree that these “Privacy Post” updates are over and move on already? You are on the Facebook, don’t post it and remember that not everything you read is true. #Seriously 

Speaking of privacy settings…Have you seen this handy (creepy) update from the Google yet? Check out ‘My Activity’ and give it a spin. How creeped out are you? #theinternetsaretakingover And remember the bots that were taking over? Well they’ve gone and done it, or at least started. With 11,000

Snapchat wants in on those ad $$$. First the prices were pretty steep and now thanks to the API rumors are to expect lower prices. We’ll see it when we see it…Huff Post hit the jackpot with Snapchat social sharing though. How long before this is everywhere?

Foodstagrammers are saying bye to the ‘Gram and getting all snaptastic with #foodporn. Will you take your food pics to the next level? If you’re staying loyal and keeping your food pics on Insta, just make sure to stick to am posts. Those late night ‘Gram sessions are bad for your eyes

Twitter is still trying to stand out in a good way. This week we got stickers to play with and Dashboard, supposedly here to make a difference for good (hopefully).

The legal world of social: Hi boy, bye boy. You can now get legally banned from the internets, or at least Twitter…Enjoy your lit weekend, take some photos, share a snap, just don’t get lit like Buzzfeed and steal somebody's video idea…#sayitaintso

In case you missed it…#GrowingUpHispanic was trending on Wednesday. It was a lot of solid moments of clarity from my childhood. And of course laughter. Want that lipgloss but you forgot to ask Becky in the ladies room what its called? NBD, use this app and get the gloss. 

And in other news…WTF. Intern recruiting can be great or it can be a totally TERRIBLE idea. You decide. Speaking of just whoa, social networks are coming to terms with how to control extremist videos and saying naw. So that’s good.

Ok but WTAF is wrong with people lately…I mean, if you’re going about the fast food route, chances are you shouldn’t get too picky about how your food is cooked…amirite? This guy clearly disagrees, and did something about it. Moment of silence for all the TB workers out there…Also, just say yes to sharing salsa ok? It’s not worth a taco stand brawl

In the words of Miranda Priestley, ’That’s all’. But make sure to take this quiz first! 

Stay tuned for more social media gossip, err updates, cat gifs, and happy hour news every week from our social media bubble. Want to talk social? Tweet at us or find us on the 'Gram

P.s. just for fun: a cookie story.