TGIF - Social Media Update

TGIF - Social Media Update

Happy Friday! (and Jennifer’s Bey-day)!!!

Here’s the happs on the internets this week:

Since the LinkedIn hack, we’ve had MySpace, the Zuck was hacked, and then Twitter had a rumored hack. Errr what? It’s a no-go, no official message, just a malware issue. To make up for the “hack”, Twitter rolled out a newish feature: embedding timelines, with options! And for the people who would rather tweet than Slack…this group chat is is for you.

The world of digital payment might be getting a bit more public. We’ve got Venmo, Snapchat, and FB messenger to pay our friends but now FB wants you to be able to pay brands – on their page! I have a feeling this could get dangerous…Since we’re on the subject of Facebook changes. Now you can add a video to a string of comments (like your favorite cat video!). First we got Gifs, now video! I’m wondering when they’ll add the live stream commenting feature…And in case you wanted to keep a post or FB rant from everyone, you can get semi incognito on FB posts! Well not completely incognito, but it’s a mix between a PM and a whole Timeline shoutout. About that recent messenger update: here are some friendly tips for you to use it. And of course here’s how the brands are going to use it. But if you don’t want messenger, just wait for them to kill it this summer (in mobile, not the app). Lastly, FB says Yes to 360 photos thanks to your panoramic images. Hello future of creeping.

In the picture world: Guys, I’m so excited about this gif app. Prepare to become office gifs for the world to see. Just for fun: go ahead, pixelate yourself with this camera app.

Snapchat isn’t giving us much this week, so far we’ve got a Discover update and this “Adult’s Guide to Snapchat”. Presh, supes presh. Am I saving that for reference? Heck yeah! It does have something to brag about though, some interesting predictions might make it king of the castle this year.

On the ‘Gram this week—> a quiet rollout of iOS sharing happened, but I tried it and it’s not as great as you would want. Insta also decided to take away API access this week – and made a lot of people mad. #sorrynotsorry 

Linkedin joined the ranks of analytics data this week with Premium Insights (yaaassssss) so we can do more professional creeping and really get granular. #finally

Lifestyle apps let’s do this:

  • Swarm realized fake tokens weren’t cool anymore. Bring on the swag.
  • Uber Pool is going to get real accurate, or so it promises with guaranteed drop off timing. Let’s see how many accidents this might cause… 
  • Tinder goes adult, wait were there really kids under 18 on Tinder?? #whoa #thatshitcray (at my time of voting, 89.11% of voters were also clueless to the under 18 Tinder crowd).

Aannddd in the world of food and bev. Fun fact, the bigger the glass, the more you drink. Err duh? And before you get upset at your friend Carol for ‘Gramming the bottomless brunch this weekend, this study says she’s probs more happy than you. #Fact, since the interweb is always right. And if you’re going to dine and dash…don’t do it with a kid. #parentsoftheyear

Enjoy the sun, shade, and sleep this weekend!

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