Summer time and the social update

Summer time and the social update

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summeerrrrr…

It’s official. Summer is here (aka sweating by 8am) and it seems the heat has inspired lots of social changes. What do I mean? Let’s do this.

Vacation season is here for a lot of people. Summer Friday’s, school is out for families, and it’s finally time to catch a breather after the long er, winter…Did you put in a lot of overtime recently? Here’s what that overtime looks like on Instagram. And just in case the summer heat is making you reconsider your day job…have you thought about becoming a Spice Girl? #doyouwannabemylover

Speaking of spicing things up. We all heard LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft this week, but did you also hear that the tech giant is also trying to get weird with weed? Does that mean suddenly there will be a strain called Windows98…? #butseriously

We’ve been talking Snapchat growth and ads for a while now…but this week the little ghosty really did launch the ad API, get ready for more ads! They don’t appear to be a problem though, Snapchat is still going through a growth spurt#ILikeThat

Facebook lost it’s mind and said, ‘Commit or else.’ for the beginning of the summer. Have some old pictures you want to keep for those #throwbackthursday posts? Then download this app. Or they will be lost FOREVER. In addition to the photo app, remember messenger will need to be downloaded asap or you’ll miss out on the funny videos that I’m not slacking you…For those of you with Android. Well you can turn messages into SMS! Err good news…#questionmark If you were afraid of creeping…well insider creeping is a real thing on Facebook. So message with care! And if the creeping doesn’t bother you, well show off your summer antics with the new slideshow feature

For the ad world: Facebook wants to get real about the cookie problem, and of course help get you real life business – introducing the newest ad update. On a more serious note, Facebook is making a step towards suicide prevention. And for extremely horrific reasons, the first Safety Check was activated in the US as a result of the tragedy in Orlando.

Facebook’s #2 had some action this week. Instagram now has banner ads! (You were expecting them right?)

Twitter is cracking down on bullies. trolls, and the other creepers of the twitterverse. #finally Can I get a RT? Well if you won’t do it at least I can RT myself. In addition to the troll patrol and emoji ad tracking, Twitter wants to befriend agencies by becoming a resource. Aww isn’t that nice.

And just for fun, what Oreo is best for your major? Double-stuffed and proud of it!

Today’s tears are brought to you by children across the globe, and of course the “ugly” people who inspired them. #rude Enjoy the heat, your vacations, or just life in general this weekend.

P.S. Happy Father’s Day, from the bots.

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