Style is your visual business card

Style is your visual business card

It’s no new news that first impressions are made within the first few seconds of meeting somebody.  But let’s take this concept a bit deeper.  First impressions are about knowing your audience and managing your overall visual message so that it represents you exactly how you like to be represented.  Not just as a professional, but as a team player, a go-getter, and a rising entrepreneur.

Take a moment to think about this: does your wardrobe reflect the most confident, powerful, smart, savvy, dynamic, energetic, future thinking, investable and empowered you? Truthfully most professionals will answer no, and there is where I step in.

Call me a style preacher or call me a wardrobe teacher, my calling in life has been to help others flourish through educating on the power of empowered style.  Yet having worked with professionals and their image branding for the past five years it’s become apparent to me that this big question is very, rarely being considered.

Style is like your visual business card.   It’s what people see before you say a word.  It’s what people will notice before they hear your pitch.  So why has it moved to the bottom of our priority list? 

It’s true, as professionals we are busy people!  Juggling various, hats, roles and positions to make our professional dreams come true.    But as we grow our businesses and evolve, it is imperative that our wardrobe evolves with us. In fact it’s our wardrobe that can accelerate us, create the law of attraction and become your best networking and pitching tool.   

Here are 3 easy quick tips to get you started.

1) Fit.  Fit has changed drastically over the last 20 years.  Bottom line:  Go slim or go home.  Tailoring is key.
2) In the Details.  Shoes that are shined, wrinkles that are released, handbags or briefcases that are modern and in great condition.  It’s in the small details that can make an outfit look radiant. 
3) Find a signature.  Doing something consistently will make you memorable.  Is it a colorful pocket square with your suits?  Or a statement necklace with every outfit?  Find something that makes your outfits feel fun and also represents you.

So next time you get dressed for your big meeting, a networking event,  an interview or charity function remember these rules and wear your confidence.  It will always be your best accessory, and visual enhancer no matter what outfit you put on.   If you truly feel great in what you are wearing, you will look great and that is something people will not only notice, but walk right up to you and introduce themselves.

Laurie Brucker. 2014

Named “LA’s go-to stylist” by the Los Angeles Times in 2012 and “LA’s best personal stylist” by CBS in 2013, and "LA's coolest stylist" by 365 Hangers in 2014. Certified image consultant and Motivational Speaker Laurie Brucker of LaurieBstyle LLC, is the stylist for real people. With a degree in Apparel Merchandising from Indiana University, and a certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for Image Consulting, Laurie was hand-picked as a top stylist in 2011 to represent Stacy London from TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Keeping style very personal, Laurie has developed the “Style Strategies for Success,” which empowers her clients with the tools, techniques and art of creating your own unique sense of style that’s right for you! Join Laurie on her website for more tips, tricks and style advice: or contact Laurie at and book a one-on-one session today!