Spring Social Update

So it’s been a minute…No I haven’t been pulling a Kardashian pregnancy I’ve just been busy.

Anywho. I'm here with my fave social minion Molly to talk about some updates, listen to her rant/giggle/blush, and give you a taste of what I have to deal with every.single.day.

Hi, herooo let’s talk about the internets.

The Socials

So how about that Cambridge Analytica thing…Yeah, we were like ‘WAT’ at first too. Not surprisingly they got shut down. Did you check to see if you were one of the lucky people who didn’t get data leaked? You can wipe your history, yeah “wipe”, and be a little more in the clear. Check out the official update and privacy apology.

Speaking of info being leaked…Twitter had a moment last week. I guess it was time to update my password so I could remember one for a change.

Back to Facebook, um are you trying to Facebook date? Because…that’s a thing now. Despite the major update annoyances, this is actually a helpful thing (Twitter ya heard?) and so is this. On vacation? Well Facebook will certainly out you. Makes you think twice before sharing now right? Some of the latest rollouts from FB are a couple data leaks too late (who is really DMing though Facebook, it’s 2018) but it’s good to know our phone calls are safe (or are they).

The ‘Gram is giving us more and more updates (trying to make up for that whole Facebook thing amirite?) but no chronological feed. Honestly, they’re pretty meh IMHO. The Spotify collab is decent, I won’t have to waste my time screenshotting my ‘schmood songz anymore. And I guess the new camera option is legit (Has anyone played with this or this??) but this is going to kill my Insta shopping tolerance. The group chat seems pretty extra and hi, are we done copying Snap yet? BUT, let me know what you’re excited about. 

LinkedIn is also on that Snapchat copy game with filters – who is using filters on their GD LinkedIn stuff? Please stop. Twitter is giving the people more of what they want? More news, verification, and less RTs. While YouTube is helping you multitask

Snapchat pulling in with mentions? And Unskippable ads?? And specs 2.0?!? Don’t hold your breath for V2 anytime soon. 

For the Ad Peeps

Remember back in the day when you were minding your own business, rocking ads for your clients and just you know, doing the damn thing? Yeah I miss those days too. 

Facebook really decided to go all in with the reporting and demographic changes, political ad updates, email targeting, making Stories Ads a thing, and going IN on AR. But you can skip some noise while trying to live your best ad lyfe with this. Instagram shopping is coming to 8 countries near you (where’s my feed update though). Remember that crypto trend from ’17? Well now the ad world is saying bye Felicia. And Linkedin is stepping UP with ads.


And here are some updates in the entertainment world you might care about. Hulu + HBO, Netflix + Xfinity, and Amazon v. Venmo? Spice Girls 2, and Amy Poehler + wine

Work Lyfe

If you’ve ever been to see us, you’ve definitely stepped into the Femme Pen and overheard some, er, interesting chats. While our discussions range from pet influencers, how hungry we are, and differing levels of NSF-your-average-office topics, we have learned how to get in where we fit in with the open space. Not always easy, so read this if you’re not sure how to cope. France banned work emails after 6pm, what do you think about this?

Real Lyfe

Hmmm *thinking emoji. Many people jumped on the #deletefacebook trend but have you thought about instapurging? A little social network spring cleaning never hurt anyone…If social change is what you’re after, how about some uplifting #social goodness? Ahh yes, social good for the win, now let’s stop trashing those straws!

App Lyfe


Internet Gold 

Let’s talk about some thingz we’re lolzing about.

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you found something to read. Before you go, find out how much of a cat person you are.