Social Update for the Loonngggg Weekend

Social Update for the Loonngggg Weekend

Hey there, hi there, ho there.

It’s #deathmetalfriday and things are moving at a 8-minute mile pace (that's real fast for me guys, real fast).

We’ll start with a fresh menu of what’s happened, along with a side of #yaassss and end with a pop culture dessert storm to last you the long weekend. #letsdothis

Twit-ter is on Fiiiirreeee. (channeling my inner Alicia Keys) Testing out new ways to hit you with ads, and dare I say it, talking about getting rid of those pesky link plus image character count?! Yes girl yes, it’s really happening. But wanna know what I’m most jazzed about? La musica. That’s right, Spotify + Twitter: Spitterfy? I’m going to start jamming with all my tweeps and maybe create my first official album “*Jamming with Elisa". *title is a work in progress. Think you may have missed some other Twitter updates? Check it. One downfall though is that the ever flailing network just can’t seem to get privacy and harassment issues solved…like this example of putting lives at risk. Get it together Twitter, get it together. 

Everybody’s fave ghosty Snapchat is making waves this week. Ever wonder how many people it really takes to run a successful Snapchat channel? Thrillist is saying 6 and getting ready to party. Insert money songz here. Just as we’re getting over the Instagram Algorithm shock of 2016, Snapchat hits us with another one (DJ Khaled may or may not have been involved). What’s the ghost worth? Funny you should ask, it projected $250 million as a bottom line this year. #word Another fun fact, you could see some shares for Snapchat in the future…when? IDK man I’m not a crystal ball…just get ready for it. 

Speaking of the 'Gram, good news or bad news first? This week we had the pleasure of witnessing what not to do when it comes to influencer selection. YOU HAD 1 JOB SCOTT, 1 JOB! #scottdisickfail At least we learned these important lessonsInstagram for business is stepping up it’s game – secret analytics found in code. #brb #jumpingforjoy But with all of this sunshine, you know there’s going to be some rain. Another day, another social network ruined by the pay-to-play model. Here’s to lower engagement, slow follower growth, and forgotten Insta dreams.

Facebook wants your face. No really, they want your face. #kewl In addition to your face, the book wants to give you live video. ALL. THE. TIME. (fun fact: the eagle cam was a supes popular thing in D-Town while I was at Luther, it’s like the pride & joy). It’s also going to let you know when the cool stuff starts happening during a FB Live video, just so you don’t like, waste your day or anything. In advertising news: Canvas ads are the bees knees, so just try it already! While you’re riding the magical Facebook ad train, make sure you’re testing out sound quality, slow jamz, and just sound in general. People may not be listening all the time but at least you’ll get to know what they really want to hear if they choose your tunes. And fun fact: 44% of adults consider FB a news source (err duh, #amirite). Interesting tidbit, Facebook will be reaching basically the whole internets with ads soon. #SorryNotSorry for those people not on Facebook. You can't escape the ads.

And now it’s time for food. Italy had a great week with this magical pizza record. #Iwanttogothere #pizzaislyfe And Starbucks showed us the true loss of going all tech: your name gets spelled right. Reese’s showed us all how to turn an idea into chocolate, real fast. Thinking about tacos for dinner? What about fried chicken though…guess what, Taco Bell wants to make that dream a reality. Fried chicken taco. #boom While they’re at it, you can also expect to enjoy dining in a whole new TB getup. #makeovertime

Random inter web updates: WhatsApp is supes cool now, but only for Android. And Time Inc. is jumping on the publishing train, but only kind of?

And on to the dessert course:

Think watching Netflix with bae is always great? What about when you doze off and they don’t hit pause?? #rude Good thing the world is full of handy yet lazy people so we could stumble upon these gadgets. Netflix + nap? Don’t worry, you’re covered. Not sure what to test the rings on? Well coming to your device very soon…Disney (and Star Wars?!?!?!) If you decide to go out on the weekend instead of chill, hit up a museum or something, just make sure you know what you’re looking at

P.S. Think you’re having a bad week? At least you still have all your iTunes music for the party later…and aren’t being stalked by bees!

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