Social Update - National Doughnut Day Edition

Social Update - National Doughnut Day Edition

First off, happy Doughnut Day. Here are some fun facts to educate yourself on all things doughnut. Since I’m on donut level 1.5, this edition of the social update is jam-packed and full of weird things. Sugar high + Death Metal Friday ftw.

Feeling glazed? Facebook has you covered. You know how we all have that friend who says “Facebook is dead, xyz is the new thing”? Yeah, it’s usually like a Stan or Gary kind of friend right? Well you can tell them to enjoy ‘XYZ’ social with no friends because Facebook is doing fine (for brands that is). To remind us all why we NEED the Facebook in our lives, it’s working on keeping us connected. How you might ask? Well using less data is one way. Still not a good enough reason to stay faithful? Well soon you can see comments in real time to prepare for when someone is about to start a comment war or troll that new pizza meme you shared. #nojudgement Lastly, but definitely not least, the Facebook is aware how much work publishers put into all that content, so it’s seriously (question mark on the emphasis there) considering some kind of profit sharing plan. #SayWhat

Still trying to make donut holes a thing…? Twitter has made some improvements this week: out with the buy buttons (did anyone rememebr they were a thing?) but promises commerce is still a goal. Rumors are surfacing that it's getting all cozy with Yahoo and the NBA though, so who knows what the little birdy will think of next…(hint hint, Live video). #tryingtohard

If you like your doughnuts with sprinkles…you’ll be into what Snapchat has going on this week. 150 Million (with a M) users a day? Hip, hip, hooray for the little ghosty for surpassing Twitter in daily users this week! To reward all us dedicated snappers, Snapchat wants to redesign the Discover page. With those publishers and advertisers in mind, it should be fun to watch how Snapchat plans to roll out continued ad options…While you mull that over, consider this tricky way to record your friends pizza selfie this weekend. Honestly why is it so bad if they see you’ve been taking screenshots of their cat pictures…#notevensorry But here’s one last chunk of Snapchat sprinkle goodness to read: there’s a 3-D selfie app/company/program out there, and Snapchat bought it. What could this mean for those geo filters and rainbow face selfies we all love? The digital world is our oyster.

Vegan and organic maple syrup frosting + bacon + sustainable doughnuty goodness? Pics on the ‘Gram or it didn’t happen. HEY GUESS WHAT?! The dread/predicted/anticipated algorithm has started, (cue dramatic music) will your pics make the cut?? Now that we’re all on edge about how many likes we’ll get, it’s time to shift that focus to the business side of the 'Gram – business profiles, insights, and mobile ad creation, Oh My! Bonus points for mobile ad promotion. What a week Instagram, what a week!

If you love the mess of a classic powdered doughnut…Pinterest made a small but effective change this week: it really has helped me save more snack ideas!

And if you're curious about the trendy new doughnut: Venmo could be your thing. #waitwhat

Emoji lovers, are you ready for this? #emojigamestrong with this one, this precious Spanish Grandma says tongue-out-winky-face emoji to death. #youdoyou abuelita, #youdoyou. How about them emojis? We’re getting new ones soon!!! Facebook and Unicode are gracing us with new emojis starting this summer (after the updates of course) and they look awesome!

For the advertising geek in all of us…Check these sexy new(ish) ad formats. Makes you want to plan a new ad campaign right? Here's what that looks like for the luxury market. Just be careful about the influencers you partner with

Ready for the food round – Donuts stacked on donuts, stacked on, yupp, more donuts! Remember when those Italians beat the world record for most amazingly giant pizza last week? Well Italy did something else with pizza that’s unreal this week…it’s calling ‘fair game’ on pizza as child support. Wait what? #BoyBye Forget the pizza mess and head over to France instead, why? Because this. Wine theme park? I want to go to there. #butreally And since we’re globe trotting…Australia knows what’s up – Snickers prices that reflect how angry the Internets are? #yesplease #getinformation Marketing gold right there…Want more doughnuts delivered? You can’t get them today but in a few weeks Denver will be getting a whole lot more sugar high with this matchup#getit If only you could grace the world with a food pic to inspire something as great as Kanye Ice Cream Week (round 2). Someday, someday.

And on to the crazy: Heads up seven up, remember MySpace? Turns out someone did, it was hacked and now you should consider updating your passwords (thank god I used my unicorn email address for that one!) and then delete all your unused social stuff. And if that wasn’t enough for you…'Like my page or else?' Please don’t try to force people to like your page ok? But since you’re now searching the internets, maybe you should check out what Google has recorded you sayingwrites down ‘delete google voice history, ASAP.'

And for one last laugh...#workit

Stay tuned for more social media gossip, err updates, cat gifs, and happy hour news every week from our social media bubble. Want to talk social? Tweet at us or find us on the 'Gram