Social Takeover

Social Takeover

This week it’s all about the future. Here’s what’s coming up:

Facebook and Snapchat are still competing (For a full look at how Facebook and Snapchat compare: check this out), and with that come the “new” technologies of the internets. #Word Snapchat has Discover, FB has publishing, but while they’re competing for views and shares, FB wants to rid the digital world of competing publishers, or at least tell the publishing world where to go and how to do it. Let’s do a quick recap of everything Facebook has been up to lately:

  • Becoming a potential job board, could the social giant be trying to start something with LinkedIn?
  • Updating from saving articles just on the Facebook to the whole internets! (copying Pocket anyone?) This means you can save errethang to share later, how magical.
  • Turning into your one-stop-shop for tickets. Those Yonce tickets? Yeah, you’ll be able to grab them on the Facebook soon.

The Facebook has also done some major updates for business managers social media managers around the world rejoice! Sharing to multiple pages you manage and updates for sharing branded content. As if we ever doubted the future or social media management… #facebookrulestheworld 

And we couldn’t go a week without an ode to Snapchat. The votes are in and the champagne poured, Snapchat is numero uno for the kids…and to celebrate we have a gift - we get animated emojis! How neat is that?! The future of Instagram is question mark…good things and bad, but it’s still a waiting game besides the searchable videos. Speaking of the year of video, Vine wants to be the future of TV, or at least get on that level. Who still uses Vine anyways…#solastyear

Curious where your fave social network stands? Here’s a great breakdown.

We’ve been yammering on about women’s rights and equality for oh just a little over a century right? So how silly to think that after all this time we’d see progress. Brands are picking up on this, and attempting to shape things up. Now maybe the future will bring some change to how the ad world presents women. Just maybe…Now you can relax and end your day with some wine + Insta-coloring. You can turn your grams into a coloring book. How magical is that?!? #needdat #winenot

The biggest dilemma: what will happen with the future of food? Office meals, they’re coming for ya! So you like #tacotuesday? Leave it to the bots. Tacobot to the rescue, all day erreday. And before you go ham with your Doritos loco taco, do you know how many miles you need to run to burn that thing off? The future says: you should. This may or may not help me eat more donuts and become a marathon runner… #allthedonuts

Workplace trends include: bots, concierges, and more bots. Sick of emailing your client and waiting for a response time? Yeah so were these guys, then they started slacking clients. #whoa #Technology Agency concierges want to be the newest thing. Picture this: go to work, hand in your “to do” list, and get shit done. #yaasss What about transportation you ask? Well this Indian city has things covered: from the sky. (Can I just say, pretty on point way to travel.) #spaceage While that’s all fine and dandy, you’ve also got the worry of working for a petty company. Case and point: YSL and the great Insta cleanse of 2016. Yikes. 

And while we’re thinking futuristic…Sunday is #MalbecWorldDay, celebrate accordingly. #winenot

Last one, I promise. If you thought the future looked pretty bleak and bot-filled, well you could have a future like this guy…sadly he probs won’t be getting bot-comfy anytime soon…

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