Social Takeover - Saturday Edition

Social Takeover - Saturday Edition

How is it already the weekend…

We are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life. Prince knew exactly what he was talking about.

The internets was full of ups and downs this past week. We gained some new FB magic, found more helpful bots, and sadly lost a legend. Let’s go crazy!!!

Facebook was all “Baby I’m A Star” unveiling some pretty big deals:

1-2-3-4! The Facebook is counting down how much time you look at something and trying to guess why you’re looking at it. Good news? Well it means you’ll see less of your cousin’s ugly baby pictures if you constantly scroll through…bad news? It means more data against you & someone could find out your secret troll obsession if they see your news feed is full of troll updates. It’s also trying to help you see the stuff that matters. Bye bye useless news updates and hello tailored content. Am I the only one who’s into this? Here’s a tip: FB wants to consider a tip jar – to reward people with great content, Scandalous. 

While we’re singing U Got The Look to the Facebook, check this noise. Video sharing is a pretty big deal on FB, and we’ve seen the shift happening but FB wants to protect your videos (weird, I know). On top of caring for your content rights, it’s making a stand for ad viewability. Social media managers everywhere are getting excited. And since we’re getting all jazzed up on videos, we’ll throw some YouTube perks in. Counting views is great, but now there are better metrics to track video ads. On top of that, Hootsuite is taking advantage of the power of video too. Let’s Work.

The bots. While they are doing wonders for sending content (hello TechCrunch article bot) it might be a while before we really get to take them for a ride. So for everyone holding their breath for FB M to make your life easier? Forget about it.

Now it’s time for the guitar solo: 

What we’re learning from the kids these days…How to be resourceful for one. Ready for the most sustainable restaurant? Yeah well too bad you can’t make a reservation, because it’s in a school! Leave it to a school in LA to have a more sustainable kitchen than all the organic farms in the city. While you’re busy trying to become famous for your own sustainable kitchen, you can be glad (or not) that when you were in school no one was tracking your social media use. These kids are getting Edward Snowdened, hard. Will this trend continue? Who knows! Controversy…

The food/bev world is throwing us some interesting jams too. If you are also a fan of no-pants dining, this London pop-up should be on your bucket list. Not so sure you’ll want to go sans pants for dinner? That’s cool, this doughnut wall should cheer you up. And while you’re making the call between a no-pants party or a doughnut lover’s dream for your Tinder date, this bar has a pretty great way to save you from a dud.

With the brand gods in mind, here’s what we know:

  • Sports marketing will have a new twist, at least for the next NBA Season. Branded jerseys.
  • Another day, another brand fail. As we continue to mourn the death of Prince, brands played the typical role of crossing lines with sorrow + advertising.
  • Speaking of sad ads…The Mad Men-esque era of “Sex Sells” is over, replaced by “Death Sells”. Hmm how lovely.
  • One brand did have a solid salute to Prince, none other than Snapchat. A filter, a face swap, and a story. Stay classy Snapchat, stay classy.

Until next week...

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