Social Takeover - Lemonade Edition

Social Takeover - Lemonade Edition

We were granted many things this past week, some cool Snapchat updates, a new definition for Twitter, but most importantly for the Bey Hive: a tall glass of Lemonade.

Who run the world? Snapchat. 

Olympic deal? Check. 

Photo swapping? Check. What can’t this app do.

I don’t think you’re ready for this journey…Facebook is doing some work guys, bye bye clickbait, hello new camera app? Facebook has heard the complaints of terrible paid articles and is making some changes, great news for the content that matters, bad news for the publishers who were making a killing on terrible articles. And this new camera app? Well it’s just another way the Facebook wants to get into your life. If that doesn’t excite you, Ring the Alarm for this news: Facebook and Insta ads are becoming interactive. Yaassss! BTW did you know you could do this

To sum it up: Becky with the good hair, Facebook or Snapchat? You decide.

Twitter is taking note from The Queen and pulling a case of a new identity. Sasha Fierce style. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, Twitter hasn’t been doing so hot lately. More questionable social updates: YouTube said ‘good luck skipping ads’. Rude

Ready for the cameos? Me, myself, and wait my dog? Dogs and Tinder dates are a thing now. Uber said ‘I’m not your average ride app boy’ and introduced us to the sea. This little boy is Crazy In Love with broccoli. Yeah, he’s NOT my spirit animal…Age defying gin though? I can hang with that…

Let’s talk about how people and brands are doing social media the wrong way…Nat Geo tried to use Snapchat for a cause, but I think most of us are Speechless. This girl also couldn’t figure out how to use Snapchat – Smash Into You (too soon?). Higher Ed is making great use of the Snaps though, Flawless. And micro-influencers are giving social brands the Green Light. Starwood Hotels are using Instagram to wish travelers Sweet Dreams. How cute is that?

I’ll leave with this, the world as we know it needs to change. We have nothing left that hasn’t been disgraced by Pumpkin Spice. Is nothing sacred?!  

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