Social Takeover

Social Takeover

Another week, another lifetime of things happening on the internets…

March is done, and like it still feels like the week after Christmas #amirite? Moving on, Though we thought we were all on the naughty list with Instagram the last few weeks, it’s decided to put us back on the good list. (For now). I give you, the 60-second video. Now you can timelapse #ALLDAY and give us the true behind-the-scenes on that kewl new yoga pose you’ve “mastered” or how long it really took you to style the perfect #eyebrowsonfleek look. #slay

Before we let Insta off the hook though, have you noticed any strange (let’s be honest, supes annoying) photos asking you to “turn me on” lately? If not, here’s a few examples. Guys, stahp. You’re not fooling anyone with that desperation… 

Speaking of an April-Christmas miracle, have you updated your snaps lately? Snapchat 2.0 is live people, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Not sure where to start? Here. #yourewelcome And since we're on the subject of gifting…Could Queen Bey be granting everyone’s one true wish an album drop on Monday?! Yaassss please!

Twitter wants a piece of the April-Christmas action so they’re bringing First View to the table. Wtf is that you ask? Yeah it takes a minute. If you’d rather just tweet emojis, well you might get the best Twitter gift of all: a custom Twitter emoji. #goals

In true holiday fashion, don’t be afraid to get your drank on (well, except the pregnant ladiez…) because Twitter + science = love. Or something like that. The world of scientifical things is totes checking out your tweets girl, so tweet on with that happy hour buzz. Just don’t expect this college dorm dream to happen whilst you enjoy that rosé in white this weekend. Doritos and a white crop top do not mix.

How much is that hashtag worth to you? Apparently trademarking hashtags is a big deal, like the applications have increase HELLA since they became a thang. Don’t let anybody steal yours! #WhoKnew (I’m totes trademarking #questionmark btw).

Now let’s play a game…Yay, Nay, or Fail.

  • Facebook starts us off with airlines and messaging—>check in for your trip across the world (or just the California coast) on the Facebook. No small children crying in the check in lines? #Yay
  • Starbucks is trying real hard to get those winos – no matter what it takes. SBUX Japan had these atrocities debut this week. Here’s hoping this will take a while to trend. #Nay
  • I know you’ve probs seen this and it’s “old news” but this story still has me heated. HOW CAN YOU LEAVE WITHOUT YOUR SHOES?!?! #Fail
  • If you’ve ever wondered why chivalry died…you are not alone. But the youths today are different, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll bring it back. #Yay
  • Swimsuit season is almost here, so that means the gyms are getting real full and the liquid diets have already begun. Consider this idea: buy one, fill it up with your fave summer beach drank, and up your reps as the bottle empties. #Nay or #yourewelcome
  • For the sleep-lovers of the world…in case you didn’t want to buy one of those weird nap turtle-neck pillows, you’ve got this suit instead. #Fail
  • If you’re upset about the whole fail thing, don’t be. It’s good to plan for failure. Just don’t plan it like this: this poor girl…only Lady Gaga can pull off those heels and keep her shit together. #BONUSFAIL

Before I bid you navidad, find out just what kind of queen you are. Straight from Bey’s mouth. #hotsauceinmybag#swag

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