Setting Goals Within A Short Time Frame Measure Success

We talk a lot about goal setting with our clients and with you, in our content. I want to make sure that you are really clear about how to set goals and what time frame you should do those in.

For those of you have been in through school, an MBA program like I have, you know that typically when you are doing projections, you are looking at a 3-5 year plan. I personally feel that it’s pushing out too far because things change so quickly, especially in this time and age we live in when content and when the digital world is moving so quickly.  It’s really challenging to create a 3-5 year timeline. So, what we do for our clients is what we call a 120-day plan. We also do this internally, so that you can set really specific goals in a shorter time frame against their measurable, and you can know if you are hitting them and being successful.  So for example, I can share with you a couple of our internal 120-day plan points.

One: you want to speak in front of more audiences. Being really clear about that and specifically we want to be doing two a month, lets us know if at the end of the month that we’ve done that, then we’ve been successful. If we haven’t, then we need to figure out a new strategy to hit those two events for speaking every month.

Two: press placements. Again, making sure that we have at least four press placements a month so that we’re getting in front of the audience we want to be in front of and getting the visibility we need to elevate our brand.

Three: content strategy, that’s another thing we measure for our month. We always want to make sure that we have eight pieces of content per month. We’ve talked about content pretty extensively so that we can drip out two a week, every week moving through the month. Again, very measurable but very limited time frame so that we know that these plans have been successful.

Think about your goal processes in 120-days. It’ll make it a lot less overwhelming and hopefully allow you to hit your goals faster and more effectively. Stay tuned for more at Elevate My Brand.

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